Finding Zasha review

By Tanner Duffendack


It is 1941 Hitler has launched operation Barbarossa on Russia 12 year old Ivan has just escaped Leningrad and escaped to a country side town where he thinks he will be safe. but his town has fallen to occupation determined to help he joins a group of partisans ordinary people who fight in secret. Then he is hired by a Nazi commander Axel Recht to play music for him while he is their he meets Zasha and Thor German shepherd puppies who are being trained to hunt Russians. Ivan secretly dreams of taking the puppies and saving them from their fate. but when a chance arises Ivan takes the chance and steal Zasha and Thor but Ivan has underestimated the commanders attachment to the puppies. Now he finds him self stalked by ruthless men who will stop at nothing to get the puppies back. but when Zasha suddenly disappears Ivan must decide which is more important saving himself and thor or finding zasha and risking everything the partisans have worked for.

The next in the series Saving Zasha

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