Bridgit Mendler

Do you know this actress who had her dream come true?

How she started her career

Bridgit Mendler first started in the original movie lemonade mouth and her career went off from there. She went from just a normal girl to a huge actress and pop star. She was a guest star on the show general hospital then went to wizards of Waverly place then she got the cast of teddy Duncan in 2010 but ended on February of 2014.

Albums, Songs ,and Awards

bridgit mendler has released 4 albums in her whole career that i know right now she has a total which are called hello my name is.... live in London ready or not and hurricane. She has sang a total of 12 songs and some of them are 5:15 from hello my name is, all i see is gold and the fall song. Bridgit's Biggest hits were somebody, Determinate, Break through, ready or not, and here i come. The only award she one was the radio Disney award for best acoustic performance

facts Bridgit Mendler background

  • She was nominated for the teen choice awards
  • in 2012 she release her platinum debut album and reach top 40 on the hit song "ready or not"
  • she was the youngest child to role and sing in festivals
  • she provided the voice of Thorn in the 2006 video game bone
  • she appeared in the 2009 television film labor pains
  • after meeting Shane Harper while filming good luck charlie her and her family moved to different places
  • she also has a younger brother named nick