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Summer Collaboration

As we all work on refreshing ourselves and our teaching over the summer, we often seek the wisdom of friends and colleagues about how they approach our complicated profession. One of the great things about the internet is that it has made having that conversation with millions of teachers possible.

Many communities of teachers have sprung up online around any number of ways of thinking about teaching. These commonly fall under the moniker of Open Educational Resources. I encourage you to read this article, which describes and provides links to six of these communities, each of which provides all kinds of free content, from lesson plans to videos of lectures to textbooks. MIT's Open Courseware, for example, contains many entire MIT courses you can take for free. (MIT's Intro to Psych was the core of the Psychology class I taught here last year!)

Also, if you teach math or science, check out MIT BLOSSOMS, which has 100s of video lessons designed for you to intersperse with interactive activities, all spelled out in the accompanying materials.

If you have used an OER in the past that you liked, please share it with me when you get a chance. We continue to hope that these emails are helpful, but we're going to keep sending them anyway.