Theodore Roosevelt

"The Great Tidy Teedie"

The Great Tidy Teedie saves the day....

“Running the country by day, sweeping the factories by night”

His trusty sidekick "Upton Sanitizer Sinclair"

With his experience and keen knowledge to the terribly poor working conditions in the meat packing industry he will revolutionize the food laws in the U.S.

"Master Disaster"

The evil arch nemesis: He got his name from making the working conditions in factories and the cigar industries poor and spreading disease and death to many who worked there.

  • Gave out 13-hour shifts to labor workers.
  • Using his lazor eye vision he made it humid with temperatures of up to 80 degrees in work places.
  • Screws and bolts that he so cunningly took out caused many harmful/fatal injuries.
  • Suffered formtuberculosis, deafness, eye inflammation, deafness, headaches, stomach ailments and cancer of the mouth with a snap of his fingers.

In conclusion...

He fought Master Disaster with a ZAP! and a POW! of the Coal Strike. Only breifly hazzing his vision MD came back with a devastating blow to Tidy from Congress. But it was no match for Tidy Teedie; his emotional appeal to the citizens of America were to strong for MD to handle. Tidy came out.............. VICTORIOUS.

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