Both Sides of Sharks

Kevin Dockery

Imagine your in the middle of the ocean on a surfboard. Then you see a fin of a shark. Don't be worried after these 7 facts you should now your safe.

Why do sharks attack people? Well sharks attack people because they are curious or they think you are there normal pry. That tells you that they don't attack people on purpose. It's just a mistake.

A cool fact about sharks attacks is that the first recorded Great-White attack was on October,10, 1959. The sad part about that attack was the man died after the attack. Because of lose of blood.

Another sad fact is that every person that dies from a shark two million sharks die. They die from nets, and other things made by humans. About that fact there are up to 4 deaths by sharks attacks equaling about 8 million sharks die every year.

What they eat can also kill them like tires, signs, and other things. Some sharks don't have to worry about debris it's just the type of shark and where they live.

This is why you do not have to worry about shark attack. The thing you have to worry about is being struck by lightning. So when you see the fin just be calm its probably just curious about what is going on.