Chinese Folklore

By: Reese M

What is a Chinese Folktale?

A folktale is a tale inspired by and consisting of fairytales, beliefs, history, nature, songs, poetry, dances and puppetry. The main influence of Chinese folktales have been Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Chinese culture has lots of tales, stories, myths and legends that reflect Chinese people's beliefs. Folktales had a wide variety of characters and themes from superstitions to wishful thinking and beliefs.

First Chinese Folklore

The 'Classic of Poetry' is the first known Chinese folktale that was a collection of tales, songs and poetry. 305 stories dating from the 11th to 7th centuries BC. Tradition says that Confucius collected its contents while others say they were collected by the emperor.
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Famous Chinese Folktales

  • The Wushan Mountain Goddess
  • Yeh-Shen A Chinese Cinderella Story
  • The Story of Lady Mochou
  • The Nine Sons of the Chinese Dragon
  • A Rainy Day
  • Small Chinese Cabbage (a orphan's story)
  • King Pom and the Fox
  • The Cats Tale

And many more.

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Wushan Mountain Goddess
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Yen-Shen A Chinese Cinderella Story

Did you know that Cinderella was originally a Chinese folktale? Cinderella was originally called Yeh-Shen. It was written in 850 A.D. in China

Folktale Books for kids

There are folktales for adults and even children. Its a Chinese tradition to read folktales to children during the Chinese New Year. They even make great bedtime stories.

Here are some Chinese folktales for kids;

  • The Seven Chinese Sisters
  • Two of Everything
  • Rabbits Gift
  • The Empty Pot
  • The Water Dragon
  • Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Folktales for kids CHINA-
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Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat was a popular Chinese folktale that was made into an animated cartoon in America in 2001.
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Chinese folktales are still relevant today. They are still in books, operas, love stories and major holidays like Chinese New Year.
Thank you. I hoped you enjoyed this topic as much as I did.

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