Parenting in the Digital Generation

And STEM Night for Kids!

Join Us Friday, October 2, 2015!!

Let's get together and discuss how the digital generation is impacting parenting, family time, and developing our children for a future that is constantly changing. Jennifer Bond and Arin Giannandrea, both teachers and parents, will be sharing information from the book: iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age:

The iKids is a new generation that is emerging in the midst of the digital revolution. Born since 2000, iKids will never know a world without touch screens, social media, and the internet. Developed by Craig Kennet Miller, author of iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age, this site is devoted to understanding how digital media is influencing the emotional, physical, and spiritual lives of children and early teens and to give parents, teachers, pastors, and leaders easy access to the latest writing and research related to this generation.

In addition, Jennifer and Arin will highlight some fun websites and digital activities that can engage children and family in positive ways, including learning sites, teaching kids to code, and other creative ways to use technology.

We will meet downstairs in Fellowship Hall!

Robots, Circuits, and Cardboard...Oh My!!!

There will be activities for the kids to do while the parents are engaged in the meeting. There will be fun activities for kids to do that relate with creativity and innovation. There will be robots, circuit kits for kids, and materials for creative exploration! There may even be time to join up at the end for creative style! This Sunday at church, in between services, Jennifer Bond and her children will have some of the activities out for you to sample!

Please RSVP by September 30!