Teaching Children's Literature

ECI/ELM 537 | Summer Session I | May 19-June 24 (online)

Because good teachers know good books.

Take this class if you want to deepen and broaden your knowledge of children's literature. We will focus on evaluating children's literature, on understanding specific genres, and on designing engaging lessons and units that align with Common Core State Standards.

Some of what we will read:

We will read. A lot.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is this class only for elementary teachers?

A: Our focus will be on texts used at the elementary level, including picture books, beginner readers and early chapter books, wordless books, informational texts, and chapter books. If you teach or lead at the middle school level or high school level, knowledge of these texts could certainly be beneficial for you.

Q: This class is offered while I'm still teaching. Will I be able to handle both?

A: Yes. But as a semester-long course compressed into five weeks, the workload for this course is heavy. We do not recommend taking more than one course in Summer Session I. We do send out the syllabus early in case you want to read some prior to the course starting.

Q: I have never taken an online course before and do not consider myself very tech-savvy. Will that be a problem?

A: There's definitely an expectation that you know how to navigate Moodle and that you feel comfortable with some online tools. We do provide some support in these areas, but as an online class, it's necessary that you be willing to learn how to participate in google chats, work on collaborative online documents, and create multimodal, digital presentations.

Instructor: Kristin Conradi

I'm an assistant professor of Literacy Education at NC State. Prior to coming here, I was an elementary school teacher for seven years in Camden, NJ and Richmond, VA. As a child, I found kindred spirits in Laura and Frances and I was convinced that the best neighbors in the world would be Pippi, Frog and Toad, and Mr. Fox.

I'm a staunch believer that teachers need to be experts in matching children to books and that we don't read aloud to our students often enough. My all time favorite read alouds are It's My Lucky Day, Dr. DeSoto, Koala Lou, and Maniac Magee.

Assistant Instructor: Jill Jones

I am a doctoral student in the Curriculum and Instruction Literacy and Language Arts program. My love of children’s literature is one reason I became a teacher and then decided to specialize in the area of literacy. I taught in the elementary classroom for ten years and have worked as a K-2 reading specialist for 6 years. Some of my favorite books include Bridge to Terabithia, Wonder, Tuck Everlasting, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chester’s Way, and the Pete the Cat and Ladybug Girl series. As a literacy educator, one of my goals is to help students develop a lifelong love of reading and find books they will cherish.