Dreaming Divas

March Newsletter

A Note From Your Director...

Hello ladies!! I hope you all are doing well! Can you believe it is already March?!? We are in our last 2 months of the Spring catalog and I am loving all of the newness that it is offering!

There is a lot going on in the next couple of months. From now until March 15, we are offering our recruiting incentive! Have you had someone show interest in the Thirty-One Opportunity? Make sure you are letting them know about the opportunity to earn their kit cost back with just $1000 in sales in their first 30 days. One thing I tell potential recruits is "if it doesn't work out, you have lost nothing, but gained over $300 in products!"

Also, during the month of March, when your customers spend $35, they can choose one of 5 totes for 50% off! Have you considered looking in your order history and contacted those that have ordered one of these bags to let them know they are on special? One thing I am going to start doing is offering my guests/customers to fill out a wish list. If an item on their wish list goes on special, I will contact them to let them know.

Conference registration is in progress! I hope you all will try to attend! I will be in Columbus, OH from Tuesday, July 21- Saturday, July 27. I'm so excited about going and hope to see you all there. (Unfortunately, our Nebraska girls will be going to Denver)

Be sure to check out the Conference 2014 tab (in your back office under incentives) to find out all about conference bucks and stars!


Sally Saf and Becky Kaelin for already earning 6 stars! Way to go, ladies!! You only need 2 more stars to earn $200 off of your registration!

Laura Moore and Cerra Smith for earning 4 stars! You have earned $100 off of your registration!

Lacey Ragin, Karla Martin, and Brandy Simon for earning 1 star! You are on your way to earning some of your conference registration!

Lets finish this catalog season out strong!! We only have 1 1/2 months left!


1~ Contact potential recruits to let them know the incentive will be ending March 15.

2~ Look through your order history and contact those that purchased one of the 5 totes that are on special.

3~ Begin to look into April and contact potential hostess. Think about soccer moms (or any sport mom), tennis players, or gym rats!

4~ Think of your why and LET ME KNOW! I want to know why you are selling Thirty-One! Do you love the extra income? Do you like the discount on products? I want to know!

January/February Stats

January PERSONAL Stats

Total Team Sales~ $5079.50

Total Team Parties Submitted~ 8

Personal Volume~ $0

Total Parties~ 0

Highest Party~ $0


Highest PV~ Becky Kaelin ($1997.00)

Total Parties~ Cerra Smith, Laura Moore, Becky Kaelin (2)

Highest Party~ Becky Kaelin ($1026.00)


February PERSONAL Stats

Total Team Sales~ $6247.00

Total Team Parties Submitted~ 13

Personal Volume~ $1456.00

Total Parties~ 4

Highest Party~ $605


Highest PV~ Sally Saf ($2704.00)

Total Parties~ Sally Saf (5)

Highest Party~ Sally Saf ($1235.00)