Cardinal News

Were Stronger Together 8/31/15

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Computer Testing and Computer Log-On Process

Teachers as Ms. Kelly explained it takes a moment for student to log in as they have a first time user process to complete.

  • YOU MUST have your students complete Computer Log-On Process by the END of the day on MONDAY. ***Exceptions anyone that has computer class on Monday must do so as soon as students arrive on Monday.
  • Please talk to your class about the importance of the work that Mrs. Knox does in the computer lab and the STAR testing that they will have done there this week and next.
  • Great first data tracking data to use in the student data notebooks - Your students can create STAR graphs.
  • Remember the STAR testing will happen in the AM (Teacher required to attend)
  • Computer Class will happen in PM - Knox only
  • QUITE IN THE HALLS - Students will be testing - Please add to your morning meetings or 20-day procedures the ***Hallway Expectation*** as everyone will travel this week for specials.

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Educators Handbook (Behavior Tool)


Q: What is EH used for?

A: Classroom Incidents and Office Referrals. The online tool was expanded this year to help you track your student behaviors even better in one neat place. This is important to know as you may later need to speak with parents, IEP teams or others to help you support your student. This system creates charts and trends in student behavior so take advantage of what it offers of the teacher.

Q: When can a student be sent to the office?

A: After a referral has been placed in the Educators Handbook(EH) as an office referral

Q: Who can place an incident in EH?

A: All staff can refer a student

Q: Why should it be in the EH prior to the student being sent?

A: Your opinion matters! Student's perspective is all the office has when students come without a referral. Office staff cannot spend valuable time going over situations multiple times. We simply don't know unless YOU tell us. ***The UGLY of the situation is that Admin WILL send students back to class that have not been properly referred to the office.


  • Do not send students to Mr. McDowell unless you have been advised to do so by the office/admin. There are a very few exceptions to where Mr. McDowell, Ms. Todd and I allow students to bypass the office for Time Outs. Please see one of us for those situations if you feel you have one.

  • All children in the Behavior Lab must have teacher assignments provided. It is not free time for the students therefore they should not they come without. Make it a habit to send assignments to office by a peer within 10 minutes of the student exiting your classroom for behavior situations.

  • Understand if a child comes back and the work is not complete there are various reasons why. Behavior interfering with work, student undergoing counseling and there was not time or a variety of other things. Just understand the best teacher of your lessons and instruction is YOU. Mr. McDowell is NOT the teacher; he is the behavior specialist.

  • Our time is best spent on instruction and your support rather than discipline.

  • Provide good documentation. Details matter.

  1. Please click on the link below
  3. Save to your favorites
  4. Log in to the EH
  5. If you have never logged in use the forgot password option
  6. Explore the tool

Duty Schedule

Revisions to duty schedule to come
  • We have a second bus load. (sad face)
  • This means we will rotate responsibilities on PM.
  • There are a few changes in order to provide some planning time
  • Please be patient as we work through adjustments
  • Lunch Duty starts today. Mrs. Setzer, Mr. Hardin, Mrs. Todd and I will be in the cafe training Instructional Assistants on your expectations and how roving should appear.
  • Teachers you have the responsibility of training your students. If they are not ready to be left with another staff member THEN don't leave them; as we are still in the procedure teaching time frame.

Week at a Glance


  • Build relationships and Teach Procedures all week
  • Start Morning Meetings Today
  • STAR Testing begins
  • mCLASS Testing underway
  • ***EC Pull outs start today on a streamlined schedule. Please lets work together to make sure we can have communication so students can be serviced. If you student is STAR testing please let the teachers (McCray and Tindall) know ahead of time.
  • ***FINALLY - Know if you have 504 or EC testing accommodation students


  • PLC Meetings begin
  • School Improvement Team (SIT) Ballots counted and new members announced


  • PLC Meetings


  • 1PM Assembly - Hugo's house of Reading
  • Bring Devices - NCCES orientation / PDPs
  • 3pm - Staff Meeting (FFV Training/Safety)


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Cardinal Clean Team Award!

This year we will have a CCT award plus more to help drive the cleanliness and facilities management of our building. There will be a monthly ballot sent out for you to put your opinion. We will have specifics that we are looking for each time. This will be a fun and exciting challenge that even our students can be a part of. More details will be sent out from Ms. Todd's desk.

I'm very encouraged by the program and hope you will be too. Especially when you start to see the challenges making a difference in the way we care for our space.

Student Information Packets


Student Information is one of the most valuable pieces of data that you can collect from the parents. Make sure you have a packet from each student.

Remember that you should keep this close by your desk until you have your own student info collection established. PowerSchool/Teacher is not always accessible as we witnessed last week. We have to rely on what you have from parents at times.

  • We will ask for your packets when ready. Please do not send student information packets to the office
  • Whatever you do please keep up with them

Our plan:

  1. We will call for the packet
  2. Office Staff with update PowerSchool with info from packet
  3. We will send the packet back to you
  4. You will then immediately file the packet in your cumulative folder removing and old student data sheets.

Weekend Projects

This weekend two things happened at FHES

  • Eagle Scout Project on front lawn
  • Two Rivers Troop #19 under Harrison Justice Ford Greer leadership
  • Partial Documentary Taped on NBA's 7-foot Hassan Whitesides at FHES - Miami Heat Rising Star, Gastonia Native and former FHES Student.

See Photos!

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Pre- K Play Date

Staff Pre-K at FHES is Awesome...It's no wonder people are always asking to be a part. Take a look at their kick-off event photos.
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Discovering Hidden Treasures

Did you place your Hidden Treasure on the Board outside the computer lab and cafe? It's too early in the school year to get bogged down with the small stuff. So get on TEAM FHES and let us all in on a hidden treasure about you. I don't want to see blank boxes after today.

Know your Purpose (EVERYDAY)

My purpose is to use my leadership to inspire a culture of learning and excellence that guides my school and community to educational success, while having happy, healthy and safe stakeholders.

Bright Ideas Grant

Bright Ideas has funded 9,200 education grants in N.C. Will yours be next?

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are accepting grant applications through September