Week 4 Discussion 1

Creative Story Narrative

Describe a situation during your life in which your creativity was inhibited.

Hell Fellow classmates, Terry Lockhart here! For this discussion I would like to briefly tell you guys about a time my creativity was inhibited. I have always considered myself as very articulate. When I was in high school, I enjoyed writing. I used to spend a lot time writing little poems and drawing. When people in my area read something that I wrote or saw something that I drew, I was always complemented on how great it was. My creativity was inhibited when I met my 12th grade English Teacher Mr. Richardson. Mr. Richardson had a reputation for being tough. In the spring of my senior year I had to write a research paper on the topic of my choice for my final project. I chose diabetes as my topic because I had a sister that was a diabetic and I wanted to learn more about the topic. I felt really good after my project was complete until I received my grade which was a D. Mr. Richardson wrote in large red letters that this paper would not pass a college course. For a while I was disappointed and stopped doing something that I enjoyed doing. In fall of that same year, I resubmitted the same paper in my English Comp class and I received an A. My confidence in writing started to increase with the help of college comp teacher. Mrs. Bunch was very encouraging and wanted her students to be successful. When I present to students, I sometimes used this story as way to encourage others. I often think where would I be if would of have listen to Mr. Richardson. I would not be in the position that I am in today.

NACCCE Strategies


I believe that all students have a unique gift. Our job as educators is to help our student discover their gift and their strengths.


I think that it is very important for students to have a positive self-image. Having a positive self-image as a creative student can be fundamental in developing creative performances. Many student don't think of themselves as being creative and they lack the confidence to take the first step. As a future educator, I think that it is essential that we encourage our students to be the best that they can be.