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Now I have to admit I have done pretty well with this online marketing thing and it got me to thinking WHY?

While listening to more training from the Guru's of TODAY'S online marketing world I realized, why I started off doing so well.

After spending the last 30 plus years in sales and graduating in Advertising and Marketing I realized the tactics are still the same, but the playing field is different. One of the EN training videos talked about Telling Your Story and mine is simple....I have been in Sales since my first job after college which was Eyeglass Frames (designer frames before they were cool..) all over the Western U.S. via car..a little 914 Porsche..remember those..Oh the stories I could tell but it would take too much time..I was sent to Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie to name a few, my point is I learned the ropes by the pro's which accounts for my continued success...

This got got me to this morning I went and made myself a required cup of coffee and decided to share with you.

Let's see first I need an analagy that you can ALL relate to..Let's go with Back To School Campaigns...You would think Back to School would be about least that is what most of us parents think but think back to all the Back To School advertisements and NONE I mean NONE of them are about learning...Let me tell you why...The Advertising companies that charge millions to create these ads know their TARGET's kids..

I was told by a teacher a long time ago, I only wish parents realized that 75% of school for kids is their social life there and 25% is academic..You say..What?'s the other way around.sorry it's not..she said if parents realized that they would be more focused on what the social aspect is of their childs life in school is like as opposed to their grades and homework (not to say that isn't important) but the 75% social has a huge impact on the 25%..this is something the Advertising Companies already know..

They know their Target Audiance is the kids and the social aspect of going back to school..most importantly how they look, how they feel and how they fit in..and knowing that parents are the ones with the money..they offer up the benefit financially to being able to buy 3 outfits that can change into 5.

Now I want you to take a moment and think about ALL the Back To School ads you just saw this season and you will see what I mean. Now you are asking What Does That Have To Do With Me ? I sell MCA, a Landscaping Business, Real Estate, Insurance, Jewlery , Makeup, Diet Products on or off line..

Well do you KNOW your target market or are you doing what I refer to as the buckshot approach..Advertisng to everyone and getting NO ONE? Advertising Diet Products to people who aren't overweight, or a Landscape re-do to someone who doesn't own a home or land is a waste of time and money.

So your first job is to learn about your REAL target market is and what you have that will benefit them. Just like the Back To School campaigns are all about.

Now Im sure you are asking what does Blogging and Empower Network have to do with all of this? That is simple, the products teach you how to use the internet to efficiently, cost effectively and what works TODAY. They have branded themselves as the EXPERTS, GURUS' of how to get results online. Yes it may initially cost a little more than some of the others out there but the old saying "you get what you pay for" and in this case you are getting alot more. I assure you these Advertising companies or companies that they are working for would have loved to have had the information that EN provides in it's products which has cost these leaders millions of dollars learning what works and what doesn't.

One last analagy, If you were a big Law Firm looking to recruit the best lawyers in the U.S. what would be the first school you would think of? I would guess Harvard, Princeton, they have spent years branding themselves for that specific niche and after producing some of the fineste lawyers in the U.S. they now have the testimonials to back it up...and Yes you will pay alot more from a law graduate from Harvard than some lets say a school that specializes in the Arts..

Well Empower Network now after 2 years of testimonials, paying out more than 70 million in commissions and several millionairs, hundreds making 5 & 6 figures a month selling a plethra of different products speaks for itself.

So if you are truly an ENTREPENEUR or want to be one then this is the right place to begin..We KNOW HOW TO GET TO YOUR AUDIANCE.


Or at least watch the video..


I believe in You

Colleen Doll

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