The Manor Farm Times

Willingdon, England | 12 December 1917 | Volume 23

World News: Russian Revolution Under Way | Vladimir Lenin

Reporters from the Soviet Union have confirmed that Czar Nicholas' empire has collapsed, and Marxian socialism under Lenin and the Bolsheviks is on the rise. Since the February Revolution, citizens have taken to rioting and demonstrations in the streets. On March 15th, when Czar Nicholas II abdicated the throne, and when his brother, Michael, refused, the czarist autocracy came to an end. Since early November, Bolshevik Party leader Vladimir Lenin won over control as he headed a nearly bloodless coup (a sudden, violent, illegal seizure of government ) against the provisional government. Lenin is now the first dictator of the Marxist state.

Lenin's family was known for being involved in revolutionary actions; his brother, Aleksandr, was arrested and executed for suspicion of conspiring to assassinate Emperor Alexander III. Lenin himself was expelled from Kazan University for participating in a demonstration. Exiled to his grandfather's estate in Kokushkino with his sister (who was also ordered to live there for suspicious activity), Lenin loved the writings of Karl Marx. Because of this, Lenin began to classify himself as a Marxist.

In 1892, Lenin finished his law degree, but focused most of his energy to revolutionary politics. After a three year exile in Siberia, Lenin came back, stronger than ever, stating, "Give us an organization of revolutionaries, and we will overturn Russia!" After another exile during WWI, Lenin returned home in 1917 denouncing the provisional government in place and calling for one run by soldiers, peasants, and workers. This revolutionary idea is in effect, which brings us to the coup that just took place. Lenin has proved himself a determined-to-win, ruthless leader, and the public awaits to see if his leadership power will stabilize, or if he will be opposed in any way.

Manor Farm: Animals Overthrow Farmer Jones

The animals of Manor Farm overthrew Farmer Jones and friends, sources from Willingdon, England, reported early this morning. Sparked by a prophetic dream had by Old Major (prize-winning boar), now deceased, pigs Snowball and Napoleon formulated Animalism. Animalism is based on the ideas that animals should be treated equally, not ruled and abused by humans, and should be free. Squealer, a fat, well-spoken pig, is acting as the speaker for Squealer and Napoleon, and is promoting these ideas to the farm.

After returning back to the farm intoxicated, the animals banded together and ran off not only Farmer Jones, but his other farm employees and Mrs. Jones, sources report. After the overrun of the farm, all the animals galloped around the boundaries of the farm in victory. Witnesses on a neighboring farm reported that the animals then burned the reins, halters, whips, nose-rings, knives, and all other oppressive tools used against animals. It has not yet been confirmed, but it is rumored that the animals of Manor Farm have formulated their own "law" system consisting of seven commandments. Reporters will monitor Manor Farm as animals predict that Jones will strike back with a counter attack to regain control of his farm.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Manor Farm Times,

I find it ridiculous that you are reporting such a foolish story about Manor Farm in the paper. How can mere animals be so organized to overthrow humans? I know Farmer Jones, and he has a room full of shotguns he would use if necessary to maintain control.

As for the supposed commandments, how would the animals have learned to write? Napoleon and Snowball...I have never heard of these two. The most powerful and loved animal on that farm is a horse named Boxer. If this revolution did happen, I would think he would be in charge and the leader of all the animals.

I am left with countless questions: How can the animals read and write? If they did run off Jones, do they have access to weapons that can possibly pose a threat to the public or surrounding farms? Is anything being done by authorities to monitor the farm and ensure safety? If this is true, are we just going to sit back while animals overthrow us one by one!?!?!


One Concerned Citizen

Manor Farm Times

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