The 100th Day of School

A Day of Counting

100 Day Stations

Our class spent the morning doing a wide range of 100 Day activities including 100 Thumb Prints, 100 Day Coloring Activities, Reading 100 Day books, completing 100 piece puzzles, building with 100 cups, playing with 100 cars, and 100 Day estimating activities. What a busy morning!

100 Day Writing

We also spent some time thinking about what we would buy with $100. We had some very interesting (and long) lists. If only money really stretched that far...

We also created pictures using the numerals in 100. I think we have some VERY creative artists!

100 Day Party!

Our day of celebration ending with- what else- a PARTY! Our kindergarteners dressed in their 100 Day finest and went on a parade around the school. We ended in the gym for a good old fashioned dance party!