3L Weekly News

Week Ending January 15, 2016


Friday, June 10th, 2pm

Central Elementary School, Room 216, Haddonfield, NJ, United States

Back up date: Monday, June 13, 2015 @ 2:00

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This week in...

Thank you Mrs. Gordon for reading a wonderful story about Hercules!


  • we read a biography titled Young Thomas Edison written by Michael Dooling.

    We finished lesson 10 after completing reading responses to our anthology Young Thomas Edison.

  • The story is about Young Thomas Edison and events in his life that propelled him to become a remarkable inventor.

  • During this story, we worked on the target skill: main idea and details and the strategy: summarizing. Please continue to reinforce the concept of summarizing with your child.

  • We discussed the importance of a summary being short and sweet.

  • It gives us the necessary details, but does not tell us every little event in the story.

  • We brought this concept back to the synopsis we read on the back of books.

  • The students spent time identifying main ideas and finding specific details in the text to support each main idea.

  • At home encourage your child to identify main ideas and details in their personal readings and explain it to you!


  • This week we learned about perimeter and how to find the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes.
  • Additionally, we practiced finding the perimeter of straw triangles and determined the different combinations of sides to create the perimeter.
  • We were introduced to the idea of area by counting how many specific shapes are needed to cover the inside of a rectangle.
  • Finally, we gathered measurements in order to create a line plot.
  • After creating the line plot, we interpreted the data finding the maximum, minimum, range, median, and mode!


  • During the sessions this week, we changed lenses and thought about people or things that aren't normally "appreciated."

  • We then wrote about those people and things persuading others to see them in a new light.

  • Students topics ranged from Mr. Jose, the custodian, to protecting oceans.

  • We learned that good writers of persuasive writing anticipate and respond to questions the audience may have. In doing so, it helps the reader relate more to our writing.

  • We continued to work on writing bold introductions and reviewed how to revise as we work through our pieces instead of waiting until the end!

Word Study:

  • The next Word Study Assessment will be on Tuesday, January 26th (Day 6)
  • Lists will come home on Tuesday, January 19th.

Social Studies:

  • We learned that most countries are made up of states.
  • We also found that states are bordered by other states or water ways.


  • We began our latest unit on Chemistry.
  • Each student has been provided with a pair of goggles and will be conducting experiments in small groups.
  • Students will be challenged to identify various unknown “substances” through hands on experiments.
  • They will make predictions and use the results of each experiment to determine what each substance is.
  • This week we practice safety routines, handling our materials, and brainstorming everything we knew about chemicals.
  • We also discussed the importance of not trying any experiments at home without parent supervision.
  • We certainly have some mad scientists in this classroom! :-)


  • We learned about the difference between fragments and sentences.


Absences/Late: Always include csattendanceoffice@haddonfield.k12.nj.us on all emails regarding absence, early dismissal or late arrival. This email is checked frequently throughout the day.

Vocabulary: Vocabulary for each story in Journeys can be found on my eBoard under the Language Arts tab. The red tabs are sectioned by lesson (example: L1 is Lesson 1 etc.). Vocabulary can also be found in the Journeys textbook or online textbook (before the reading selection).

Strings Make Up Work: Please keep in mind that your child will be missing instructional time when he or she attends strings. Any work that he or she miss will be expected to be made up.

Birthdays: If your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday, please contact me so we can set up a date to celebrate! See my eBoard for more details.

Student Logins: If students forget their Journeys Textbook click this link for the website. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed on the website. The login information is also in the front of your child's planner book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.

Check This Out!

1.Typing Agent: **This is a GREAT tool to help your child with his/her typing skills!

  • The link can be found on my eBoard under the PARCC/Teach tab.

2. Multiplication

3. Chemistry:

  • check out my eBoard under the Science Tab.

4. Geography:

Student Council Activities

Thank you for all of your donations to the Student Council Toy Drive!

Room Mom Information

None at this time.

Central Events: January and February

Central Events: January

Monday, January 18

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • 8:00am School Closed

Tuesday, January 19

  • 7:30am Beginner Band Rehearsal
  • 8:35am Beginner Strings Rehearsal (3rd Grade)
  • 7:30pm Beginner Winds (4th)/Strings (3rd)/Grade 4 Chorus

Thursday, January 21

  • Kindergarten Registration

Wednesday, January 27

  • Kindergarten and Preschool Report Cards Available Online

Friday, January 29

  • 6:30pm Spaghetti/Bingo Night

Central Events: February

Friday, February 5

  • 8:00am Spirit Day

Monday, February 8

  • 9:00am Book Fair
  • 3:30pm Interim Report Cards Available Online Grades 1-5

Tuesday, February 9

  • Book Fair

Wednesday, February 10

  • Book Fair

Thursday, February 11

  • Book Fair

Friday, February 12

  • 3:00pm Book Fair
  • 2:00pm Valentine's Day Parties

Monday, February 15

  • Presidents' Day
  • 8:00am School Closed

Thursday, February 25

  • 3:30pm 5th Grade Talent Show
  • 7:30pm 5th Grade Talent Show

Monday, February 29

  • 8:30am Read Across America

Specials This Week

Tuesday is a Day 1:

  • Spanish and Gym

Wednesday is a Day 2:

  • Music

Thursday is a Day 3:

  • Health and Library

Friday is a Day 4:

  • Strings and Spanish

Guest Read Aloud Schedule


  • Jennifer Cittadini Wednesday, October 14 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Beth Wassall Wednesday, October 21 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Nicole Ventrella Tuesday, October 27 @ 2:40 (completed)


  • Emmie Goldenbaum-Cook Thursday, November 12 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Mia Levine or Eric Huebl: Friday, November 20 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Jennifer Barker Monday, November 23 @ 2:40 (completed)


  • Stefanie Kist: Wednesday, December 2 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Dana Mower: Monday, December 7 @ 2:40 (completed)


  • Jeff Tucker Tuesday, January 5 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Susan Gordon: Tuesday, January 12 @ 2:40 (completed)
  • Jennifer Grega : Friday, January 22 @ 2:40


  • Robin Landis: Friday, February 5 @ 2:40
  • Dori Shields: Monday, February 22 @2:40
  • Barbara Cavacini: Thursday, February 25 @ 2:40


  • Heather Tucker: Friday, March 4 @ 2:40
  • Debbie Wolschina: Friday, March 11 @ 2:40
  • Shannon Simkus: Tuesday, March 29 @ 2:40


  • Sara Blackburn: Tuesday, April 5 @ 2:40
  • Sharon Dominco: Wednesday, April 13 @ 2:40


  • Mary Beth Smith: Tuesday,May 10 @ 2:40


  • Carol Cox: Friday, June 10 @ 2:40

Star of the Week Schedule

Student and Date:

1. Natalie Sept. 28-Oct.2 (completed)

2. Diego October 5-9 (completed)

3. Katie October 12-16 (completed)

4. Isaiah October 26-30 (completed)

5. Blair November 9-13 (completed)

6. Caden November 16-20 (completed)

7. Nathan November 30-Dec. 4 (completed)

8. Eliza January 4-8 (completed)

9. Caroline January 11-15 (completed)

10. Bryson January 25-29

11. Vienna February 1-5

12. Luca February 8-12

13. Dayne February 22-26

14. Libby February 29-Mar.4

15. Derrick March 7-11

16. Lindsey March 14-18

17. Diana March 29- April 1

18. Molly April 4-8

19. Liam April 11-15

20. Elena April 25-29

21. William May 2-6

22. Joey May 16-20

23. Christopher June 6-10

Poet of the Week Schedule

Student and Date:

1. Libby Friday, October 2 (completed)

2. Liam Friday, October 9 (completed)

3. Diana Friday, October 16 (completed)

4. Vienna Friday, October 30 (completed)

5. Lindsey Friday, November 13 (completed)

6. Derrick Friday, November 20

7. Molly Friday, December 4 (completed)

8. Elena Friday, December 11 (completed)

9. Natalie Friday, January 8 (completed)

10. Joey Friday, January 15 (completed)

11. William Friday, January 29

12. Isaiah Friday, February 12

13. Katie Friday, February 19

14. Christopher Friday, February 26

15. Blair Friday, March 4

16. Diego Friday, March 18

17. Caden Friday, April 1

18. Nathan Friday, April 15

19. Eliza Friday, May 6

20. Caroline Friday, May 13

21. Bryson Friday, May 27

22. Luca Friday, June 3

23. Dayne Friday, June 10