The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

By Abigayle Creder


Barney Northrup is renting out rooms in Sunset Towers. He sends out a letter to 16 people to come and look at this apartment building. All of them came and rented out a room. But there was one problem he had rented out a room to a mistake. All of the heirs find out that Mr. Westing is dead. Then they all get together for a meeting to look over Mr. Westing's will and to find out who is the heir of the money from Mr. Westing.

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  1. Barney Thirstrup: He is a realtor. He's is actually Mr. Westing. His partner is
  2. Alexander McSouthers: He is a doorman. His partner is J.J. Ford.
  3. Angela Wexler: She has no job. Her daughter is Turtle Wexler. Her partner is Sydelle Pulaski.
  4. Bertha Erica Crow: She owns Good Salvation Soup Kitchen. Her partner is Otis Ambe.r
  5. Christos Theodorakis:He is a bird watcher. His partner is D. Denton Deere.
  6. D. Denton Deere: He is a plastic surgery intern at St. Joseph's Hospital. His partner is Christos Theodorakis.
  7. Doug Hoo: He is a track star.He got first out off all the high schools in the mile run. Is partner is Theo Theodorakis.
  8. Flora Baumbach: She is a dressmaker. Her partner is Turtle Wexler.
  9. Grace Windsor Wexler: She is an heiress. Her partner is James Shin Hoo.
  10. Jake Wexler: He is a podiatrist. His partner is Madame Sun Line Hoo.
  11. J.J. Ford: He is a Judge for the Supreme courts Appellate Division. His Partner is Alexander McSouthers.
  12. Madame Sun Lin Hoo: She is a cook. Her partner is Jake Wexler.
  13. Otis Amber: He is a really old delivery boy. His partner Bertha Erica Crow.
  14. Sydelle Pulaski: She is the President's Secretary. Her partner is Angela Wexler.
  15. Theo Theodorakis: He works at a coffee shop. His partner is Doug Hoo.
  16. Turtle Wexler: She is a witch. Her mom is Angela Wexler. Her partner is Flora Baumbach.


There are a few conflicts in this story. One of the first conflicts is Barney Northrup is trying to find the 16 heirs to Mr. westing and sell a room to them in sunset towers. This is an internal conflict. The next conflict is all of the 16 heirs find out Mr. Westing died. This is an internal conflict. Another conflict is Turtle finds Mr. Westing's body in his mansion with her mom's necklace on and come to find out was made of wax. This was an internal and external conflict. The next conflict is the 16 heirs thought they found put who killed Mr. Westing but they did not. This conflict is internal. The next conflict is Turtle find out he is alive. This conflict is internal and external.

The Plot!!

  1. Barney Northrup sends a letter to all 16 heirs to come and look for a room in the Sun Set Towers.
  2. He becomes packed with all the 16 heirs living there now.
  3. The 16 heirs find out that Mr. westing died.
  4. Turtle is a witch for Halloween.
  5. She goes over to the Westing mansion.
  6. When she walked in it was silent.
  7. She saw Mr. Westing's body laying on the carpet.
  8. Her mom's necklace was on his neck
  9. The next morning the newspaper came and the headline said Samuel W. Westing dead
  10. There is a meeting called for the heirs to go and look at the will.
  11. They all go and talk about what is in the will.
  12. In Mr. Westing's will, it says he was murdered by one of the 16 heirs.
  13. The heirs wanted to see the will but the Judge will not let them.
  14. The copies are shown after the game is over.
  15. Now they are stuck with no electricity and no telephones in the middle of a blizzard.


"Please Judge, please don't quit on me," Sandy pleaded "I'd have to give back the money; it would break my wife's heart. And my poor kids.....,". (Raskin,44)
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