Ocean Temperature

Causes and Effects


Elliott Key in Florida's Biscayne National Park is formed from an ancient coral reef. Living coral at the heart of the unique marine ecosystem of the Florida Keys is vulnerable to rising water temperatures, ocean acidification, and other effects of climate change.

  • Even small increases in water temperature can cause coral bleaching, and if such stress continues, corals can die.
  • The intensity and frequency of coral bleaching has increased significantly over the past 30 years, causing death or severe damage to one-third of the world's corals.
  • If we keep polluting the oceans at the current rate, it will become too acidic and too hot to support the marine life growing there.


Scientists predict that soon, if we keep up what we're doing, the ocean will become so acidic that coral will be unable to form shells or skeletons. Without coral, the foundation of the marine ecosystem will suffer, and many, many ecosystems will be destroyed from the bottom up


  • elevating energy efficiency
  • promoting renewable energy
  • reducing coal emissions
  • greening transportation
  • providing assistance to developing countries to reduce deforestation and switch to clean energy technologies.


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