Bacon's Weekly Bits

Friday, January 15, 2016


Wow! We survived a week of mid-year progress testing. We took the iReady assessment in both Reading and Math. I am very excited about some of our gains in both areas. It is so fun to see the growth. Also, it's great to see who I need to really help or continue helping as the year continues. In addition to our testing, we continued our geography projects. The kids have the assignment expectations in Google Classroom (if you are interested), and they have selected their preference to present information ranging from presentations, songs, videos, building a model, poster, and such. In ELA, we have started weekly vocabulary words. Last week we learned extraordinary, capable, develop, disclose, manufacture, master, mature, invisible, practice, and variety. We discuss the meaning of the word, the base word, or other words the new word it looks like. Then we try to use it in a sentence. Plus, we are exploring a daily idiom, adage, or proverb to determine the meaning. The kids generated a list of says they were familiar with and I'm adding on to their prior knowledge. We explored "the early bird gets the worm" and "a watched pot never boils." Lastly, we explored for non-fiction texts. You should totally check out this website. The kids selected texts and worked on identifying the main idea and responding to the 5 W's (who/what, what about it, where, when, why).

Next week, we will continue to work on our geography projects. They are due January 28-29, if not before. Our new vocabulary words will be attractive, captivity, carefree, coax, desired, frantic, pleaded, release, tragic, and vast. If you can work this vocabulary into your conversations this week, that would be awesome! We will discuss the sayings "a needle in a haystack," "nothing ventured, nothing gained," "you live, you learn," "every cloud has a silver lining," "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." We will be starting to learn about fractions in math...get ready! We will also continue to explore our non-fiction text articles focusing on main idea, details, and conclusions. Finally, we will begin to discuss opinion writing.

See our website for important dates. Thanks!

Grade Cards

Grade cards should have been in your child's folders on Friday. If you have any questions please let me know.