Animal Cruelty

By: Mallory House

What is Animal Cruelty ?

Animal Cruelty is hurting an animal, or purposefully not caring about the animal(s)

The types of people who usually do this are people who have a mental disorder, or are troubled criminals.

Statistics show that...

64.5% of animals being abuse are dogs.

18% of animals being abused are cats

25% involved other animals: Horses, Chickens, Cows, Turkeys, etc...

People who abuse animals are more likely to go to jail for homicide, or in a mental institution for having a severly troubled mind.

Animal Protection Services

There are probably more than these two animal protection services, but these are usually the main ones. The Humane Society, and the ASPCA. You can volunteer and help. The closest ASPCA that I know of is in Fairfield Township past the Vineyard Church on Princeton Road by the retirement home. Animals that you can adopt are usually animals that have been abused, left behind and forgotten, brought in because they can not take care of the animal anymore, or they are found running away and they keep them if not claimed. The Humane Society also does the same. But they focus more on abused animals and animals that are left behind.