Eaton Family Newsletter

May 19th, 2023

Dear Eaton Families,

We are appreciative of all of our amazing volunteers at Eaton! We hope you felt our love and gratitude on Wednesday morning at our Volunteer Parade and Breakfast. You play a key role in success of our students. Thank you for being an important member of our school community.

We are so proud of our Girls on the Run team! This group of 3rd-5th grade girls have work hard this semester. We wish them luck in their 5K tomorrow at UNCW. A special thank you to their coaches, Stacey Loesch, Rachael Sawyer, Kristin Williamson and Allison Bennett. We would also like to recognize Eaton staff members Ellen McConnell and Juli Woodlock, who supported the coaches during practices. We appreciate the dedication and support from our coaches and staff members, who volunteered their time to bring their fun program to our students.

Eaton's Spring Chorus Concert is THIS THURSDAY! Please see details below.

Who: 4th Grade Chorus & 5th Grade Choir Club

Date: Thursday May 25, 2023

Arrival Time: 4:30 DRESS REHEARSAL (Teachers will supervise. Parents do not need to stay for the dress rehearsal.)

Start Time: 6pm


This is a required performance for chorus members. Every member of the chorus is important, and together we have so much fun! Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their children to and from evening performances.

Cafeteria News

The last day for lunch visitors is Thursday, May 25th.

Thank you for your attention in paying off outstanding balances with the cafeteria. Please call the cafeteria if you have questions, or need support accessing the online portal, My School Bucks

End-0f-Grade (EOG) Dates

All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will participate in the End-of-Grade (EOG) assessments. If a student is absent from testing they will make up their assessment(s) when they return. If there is already an EOG assessment scheduled on the day they return, they will complete the scheduled assessment as planned and will complete the make-up EOG assessment on the next school day.

May 26th Science EOG (5th Grade only)

May 31st Reading EOG (3rd, 4th & 5th Grade)

June 1st Math EOG (3rd, 4th & 5th Grade)

Visitors and Volunteers

All visitors and volunteers must sign in and out in the front office when arriving to campus for indoor or outdoor events that occur during school hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our district and school procedures in place to ensure the safety of all students.

Bus Transportation

If your student currently rides a bus and has an active bus stop it will roll over for the 2023-24 school year. If your student does not currently ride a bus and will need bus transportation at the start of the school year please contact our data manager, Lyndsie Hutson to set up transportation.

The deadline date for new bus requests for the 23-24 school year is June 19th. Bus stop requests made after the deadline will not be processed until after the first two weeks of school. This will help ensure that route assignments are accurate and efficient, eliminating double and triple trips on the first day and first week of school.

Updates From Nurse Rogers

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We have seen an increase in illness over the last few weeks in some of our classes. I know pollen season has hit us strong already! It can be difficult to tell whether symptoms are only “allergies” or a contagious illness. Please keep your child at home when needed to reduce the spread of contagious illness. The following are times we request you keep your

child at home to help everyone remain well.

Please Do Not Send Your Child to School if he/she has or has had:

 Fever of 100.5 degrees or higher within the last 24 hours. (Must be fever-free without medication)

 Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours. ( Return 24 hours after the last episode)

 Symptoms that make it hard for your child to participate in school such as frequent coughing, headache, body

aches, fatigue, earaches.

 Strep Throat- until on antibiotics 24 hr.

 Testing completed but not resulted for suspected illnesses, child should return after tests have resulted negative

Tips for Staying Healthy

 Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue. Use elbow or arm if tissue not available.

 Wash hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds (Sing ABC song twice).

 Use hand sanitizer if soap and water not available.

 Avoid touching the “T” zone (Eyes, Nose and Mouth)

 Avoid being around others who are sick.

 Do not share drinks, food, or unwashed utensils.

 Eat healthy (Foods that Grow!) and drink plenty of water

 Disinfect surfaces that are prone to germs (phones, keyboards, doorknobs, toothbrushes, etc.).

Thank you so much from your School Nurse,

Patricia Rogers,

Volunteer Information

All volunteers must complete the training orientation, complete and turn in a volunteer application form, and take the volunteer assessment with 80% or higher each school year.

Volunteer application forms are linked below, and are also available in the front office.

All field trip chaperones must become a Level II volunteer, which requires a background check through NHCS. Background checks are good for three years. You can log into your account to check your expiration date, or contact Mrs. Allen. The NHCS background check system is linked below. Level 2 volunteers must also complete the orientation and assessment each year.

All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Level I

Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in a supervised setting are not required to undergo a background check if they are continually supervised by school personnel during the school day.

Level II

Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in an unsupervised setting away from school personnel are deemed Level II Volunteers. We also ask that all chaperones become Level II volunteers, as well as those interested in assisting in our media center and cafeteria at Eaton Elementary. An applicant designated a Level II Volunteer must complete the online application and the criminal background check. Applications must be completed at least two weeks prior to the time you wish to begin volunteering. The cost of background checks are $20.

Steps to Take to Become A Volunteer:

**Optional Step, if you would like to become a Level 2 Volunteer:

Community Partnerships & Engagement: All Hands On Deck Portal

Eaton Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Allen, Assistant Principal

Curriculum Presentations

Cafeteria News

Lunch Visitors

The small tables by the windows in the cafeteria will be designated for lunch visitors. If you are coming to school to eat with your child we kindly ask that you find a table away from classes. Students are not allowed to bring friends with them to the lunch visitor table.

Ice Cream Volunteers

Ice cream is offered in our cafeteria on Thursdays. We appreciate our ice cream volunteers!

If you are a Level 2 volunteer, and are interested in assisting with ice cream on Thursdays, please sign up here:

Cafeteria Balances:

Our cafeteria manager is sending out notices for unpaid balances. Please know that we understand that it might not be possible for you to pay your complete balance all at once. You may make payments. Students will not be denied meals at school.

Below is the link to apply for free and reduced meals. Please know that if you are approved, charges accrued prior to approval remain.

Updates from the PTA

Please consider joining the PTA:

Eaton's PTA Website:

Important Upcoming Dates

May 25th Spring Chorus Concert

May 26th Science EOG (5th Grade)

May 31st Reading EOG (3rd, 4th & 5th Grades)

June 1st Math (3rd, 4th & 5th Grades)

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School Mission:

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School Vision:

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Core Values:

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