Laws and Infractions

Shane Vincent

Laws and Citizens Rights

1: Citizens are given a single lunch ration and one dinner ration per day, per person, per household.

2: Watchtowers must be armed with minimum 1 person on a twenty four hour basis.

3: Must answer any and all security guards truthfully in order to keep peace.

4: Never leave the safety of the outpost unless asked to or if your job is outside patrol or even scavenging for supplies.

5: Theft will not be taken lightly, theft is still theft even in the apocalypse.


Breaking the rules and laws will not be taken lightly, everything is punishable.

Answering with lies and putting others in danger with lies or even not keeping your word is a level one offence.

Level One Offence: Punishable with one week in complete isolation with only bread and water.

Theft and any sort of assault is punishable with a minimum of one month in isolation and darkness. This is a Level Two Offence.

Level Three Offence: Caused by any attempted armed robbery, kidnapping, or even murder is punishable with banishment from the outpost and into the outside world.

Max Level Offence: Kidnapping, murder, robbery with a deadly weapon is punishable by death.

More Laws Around the Outpost

Ration Supplies and Rules Outside the Outpost

Rations are given regularly as previously mentioned unless of a surprise shortage or even cutbacks. Scavengers can be traded with for items found outside the walls, scavengers are not required to trade anything found.

Outside the walls rules are you must stay in sights of at least one of the watchtowers and cannot go to far without permission.