Titanic Survivor! Rosa Abbott

By: Perla Canul

Rosa Abbot information

her full name was Mrs. Rhoda Mary "Rosa" Abbott. Her date of birth was Tue. Jan. 14 1873 in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire England. She was just 39 years old when she was on the titanic and she was traveling with her two sons Mr. Rossomore Edward Abbott (16) & Mr. Eugene Joseph Abbott.(13) Unfortunately her two sons didn't survive.

The Titanic "Unsinkable?" & More!

The Titanic had 16 watertight compartments that was suppose to make the ship unsinkable but the Titanic was design to stay afloat even if the first 4 compartments were filled with water but sadly the water filled more compartment that the ship wasn't designed for.

Mrs. Abbott was a third class passenger with her 2 sons. Each ticket came to cost 20 pounds. Their third class bedroom was very dull & simple. no chairs, no coffee tables, and very small. It was just a simple room with 2-4 beds that wasn't really used for anything else but to sleep.

Rosa Abbott rescue!

On Wed, April 10, 1912 the Titanic passengers including Rosa Abbott and her 2 sons began to arrive. At noon on that same day the Titanic cast off! It was around 11:40 when the crew workers notice the iceberg. Many passengers didn't know anything was happening because there where either awake or asleep in their rooms. 20 min after the Titanic crashed things stared to look very bad and almost an hour later passengers still didn't noticing. 12:30 Captain Smith gave orders to start loading the lifeboats with people. Rosa Abbott and her sons didn't make it to a lifeboat so they jumped. Once Rosa was able to see, she lost sight of her 2 sons, they where nowhere to be seen. Rosa eventually managed to be rescued in Collapsible lifeboat "A" from The Carpathia but her 2 sons remained lost. Right when she was rescued she was immediately hospitalized for her bad injuries from her legs. She stayed hospitalized for about 2 weeks. But she survive!

Rosa's life after The Titanic

Mrs. Abbott lived in the East Providence Rhode Island United State with her husband Stanton Abbott, but she separated him in the early 1911. Rosa was a Soldier in the Salvation Army.

After Mrs. Abbott was rescued from the water she required medical help due to the effects from the cold water to her legs. She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital when she arrived to New York. In 2 weeks she was released from the hospital Mrs. Abbott returned to England to live with her second husband in 1928.

Mrs. Rhoda Mary "Rosa" Abbott died, Monday Feb. 18 1946. she died from hypertension, which is high blood pressure. She was 73 years old when she past away. RIP