Kelvin Doe

By: William Chacon, Per.1

Focus Is Key

"They call me DJ Focus because I believe if you focus, you can do an invention perfectly."

Early Life

Kelvin Doe was born on October 26, 1996 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to a single mother when Sierra Leone was torn apart by the civil war. "Her resilience and self-belief made it possible for me to be alive today"(Kelvin). Kelvin is a self-taught engineer. When Kelvin was 11, he said that he had scavenged in dustbins for scrap electronics parts and would make different electronics that could fix local problems. At the age of 13, Kelvin made his own battery throwing together acid, soda and metal.

Perspective Of Kelvin's Life

What Doe Loves To Do: Activism

Doe: The Self-Taught Engineer

Since Kelvin was little, he would get many scraps thrown as junk, and used those scraps to build something, anything! He didn't have his dad or the money to learn how to be an engineer, so he taught himself how to build different things like batteries, generators, and even radios. One time, Kelvin built a generator to power a whole radio station! After being noticed for being an engineering expert, at the age of 16, Kelvin became the youngest ever "visiting practitioner" with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He presented his inventions to MIT students, took part in research, and lectured to engineering students at Harvard College.


Definition of Hero: A man, who is endowed with great strength and bravery. Someone who is noted for special achievement in a particular field.

I think that Kelvin Doe is a good example of a hero because he makes his own batteries and generators to help his people conserve and power energy. Kelvin is very courageous and strong towards his work. He tells us that if we focus, we can achieve anything perfectly. Kelvin can power a whole city, as he tells us that in Sierra Leone, the people there hardly get any light, maybe once every week. So Kelvin said that he started to make his own battery and gave them to people in Sierra Leone to power their own lights in there home!

Kelvin Doe---Reading

Kelvin Doe is an African American boy (17) who is a self-taught engineer. Doe has built batteries to power electricity in houses, generators to power radio stations, and other electronics to fix local problems. Kelvin has become an inspiration to children all over the world, having them suddenly feel like they can be like Kelvin.