VES Bluebird Update

March/April 2018

Spring Welcome

After what seems like an exceptionally long winter, we are looking forward to Spring! Time has gone by quickly, and we have been busy at VES. Since our last edition, we've celebrated Black History Month, Women's History Month, Read Across America, authors Suzy Kline and John August visited and we held Character and Caring parties. As always, we have many exciting upcoming events. Our fourth graders will be touring LMS, and second graders will come take a tour of VES. Third graders will be celebrating Arbor Day and fourth graders will get to meet author, Ralph Fletcher. The Scholastic Book Fair will be coming to VES. We'll have Spring Break, Parent/Teacher Conferences and Teacher Appreciation Week, to name a few. There is a lot to look forward to! Check us out on Twitter - @Monty_VES. If you're not on Twitter, you can view our posts on the VES website (scroll down the right hand side).

LMS Fifth Grade Parent Orientation

Wednesday, April 11th, 6:30pm

Lower Middle School

Visit LMS and meet Mr. Richards and Mrs. Kichura, as well as to learn about fifth grade programming and your child's elective choices. Students will visit during the school day, so this is a parent event. Click here to read a letter from Mr. Richards.

Third Grade Parent Orientation

Thursday, May 17th, 6:30pm

100 Main Boulevard

Montgomery, NJ

This presentation is designed for parents of students transitioning between second and third grade to learn about third grade at Village Elementary School. Students will be visiting VES during the school day.

MAP Scores Are Available in Parent Access!

Results from our Language Arts and Math MAP testing will be accessible at this time. If you have questions regarding MAP, please refer to this NWEA Connection.

the ves community supports those in need

Our VES community has been working hard to support those in Somerset County, and neighboring communities through many different service learning projects. Our students enjoyed filling boxes for students in need, who were affected by the hurricanes in Texas, collecting coins for UNICEF, raising money for Young Scholars, collecting canned goods for our SOUPER Bowl Challenge. Most recently, VES students donated over 700 cereal boxes to the Somerset County Food Pantry. Please click on the links, to view the letters of appreciation that our students received. We are proud of all of the efforts of our students and staff!

Introducing Our Interim Language Arts/Social Studies Supervisor

Our Language Arts/Social Studies Supervisor, Mrs. Amy Monaco is currently on maternity leave and is expected back sometime in the fall of next school year. In her absence, Mrs. Amanda Rosenberg will be serving as Mrs. Monaco's maternity leave replacement.

Mrs. Rosenberg brings a wealth of experience to our school. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Rutgers University and certifications in supervision, administration and early childhood/elementary education with a specialization in literacy development. She has experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and director of professional development in the South Brunswick School District and is also an educational consultant.

Mrs. Rosenberg is developing strong connections with our K-4 administrative and teaching teams as well as our students and has maintained communications with Mrs. Monaco throughout this transition.

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Rosenberg! Click here to view her letter of introduction.

Spring Break - Schedule Modified

All Montgomery Township Schools will be closed for Spring Break from Friday, March 30th through Thursday, April 5th. Schools will reopen on Friday, April 6th (a makeup snow day). April 6th will be an early dismissal day.

Preorder a 2017-2018 yearbook

MESPTA has made yearbook preordering available. Preordered yearbooks will sell for $20.00 each. After May 15th, they will be for sale for $25.00, although quantities will be limited. Please click here to order.

District Chorus Concert Rescheduled

Wednesday, March 28th, 6:30pm

1016 County Road 601

Montgomery, NJ

The 3/22/18 concert has been rescheduled! Come and watch 4th-12th grade chorus students perform.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on April 12, 13, 16 and 17th. Please be sure to schedule your time. These are early dismissal days for students. The school day will end at 1:30. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.


Village Elementary School will be administering the “Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers” (PARCC) assessment between May 7th and May 15th. The assessment will consist of four units of Mathematics and three units of Language Arts. All third and fourth graders will take the assessment at the same time. Related arts classes may be on a modified schedule.

Our teachers have been preparing Village School students for the PARCC assessments all year through their every day, Common Core based instruction. This includes reading, writing and math experiences using Chromebooks and practice with the PARCC test format. Students have also been trying out the accessibility features during Technology class. All VES students have Ready Test A-Z as an add-on to their Raz-Kids account. Parents can work at home with their children on this PARCC-like tutorial, and students have been using it here in school, as well.

As we did last year, we plan to create a positive, low-stress testing environment. Our goal is to help our students to feel confident in their abilities and relaxed during testing.

As they have for the entire year, our students will need to have their own pair of ear buds or inexpensive headphones for use during the entire PARCC testing period. Most children do have them, but we would like to remind you ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please refer to MTSD's PARCC page for more information:

As always, we are thankful for your continued support!

A Note from our Health Office


Unfortunately, there is no real cure for seasonal allergies. However, it is possible to relieve your child’s symptoms. Reducing or eliminating exposure to allergens is the first step. During the months when your child suffers from seasonal allergies, keep windows closed, use air conditioning if possible, and stay indoors when pollen counts are high. Children should wash their hands and face or shower after playing outside. There are medications which will ease symptoms, when reducing exposure is not possible, or is ineffective.

During the next several months, we will see an influx of students suffering from seasonal allergies. The classic triggers of spring seasonal allergies are trees (early spring) and grasses (late spring and early summer). The classic allergy symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis can include:

· Runny nose with clear discharge

· Stuffy nose (congestion)

· Sneezing

· Itchy nose

· Red eye with tearing and itchy

· Dark circles under the child’s eyes (allergic shiners)

· A crease near the bottom of the child’s nose (allergic crease)

· Rubbing the nose a lot (allergic salute)

The trend in the Health Office this time of year is students with swollen, red, itchy eyes! When we see a child that demonstrates these symptoms, we have them wash their hands with soap and water, then rinse their face with cool water. We gently wash the eyelids and lashes with a “no more tears baby bath.” This washing helps remove the pollen from the lashes and eye area. They rest with a cool compress to their eyes for several minutes.

If you know or suspect your child suffers from seasonal allergies please be proactive and contact your pediatrician to begin a regime, which will minimize their discomfort before the season is in full bloom. You may bring in an allergy relief eye drop to be kept in the Health Office; this must be accompanied with your written permission for the medication to be administered in school. A Medication Administration form can be found on the VES website. If the medication is an over the counter product if must be new and in the original packaging.

District Visual Arts Show

Thursday, April 26th, 7pm

1016 County Road 601

Montgomery, NJ

Come and view the K-12 art gallery!

Helping Your Child With Test Preparation

Click here to read an interesting article with suggestions on getting your child ready for PARCC or similar assessments.