My Compressed Bucket List

A small list of things I want to experience in my lifetime.

My Travel Likes and Interests

Even though I always get air sick on airplanes and absolutely hate travelling by air, I would be able to bare it to go and travel around the world and experience the things I have always wanted to. Sitting in a 14 hour flight is not something that I enjoy but the small little things a person has contact to is what makes travelling worthwhile. I love and mostly prefer to go on road trips with beautiful sceneries passing around us, but I would also like to go to places in the Middle East like Dubai and Turkey. Also, go to Greece and visit the beautiful beaches. Relaxing by the beach in a Hammock reading a book is something I always dream of. Since I am huge fan of Harry Potter I plan to go to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter one day.
My Bucket List