Macbeth kills sir Duncan

Macbeth kills sir Duncan as he blame his mads

We try to see why he did it

As Macbeth walk with his bast friend as he meets three witch as they say that he will be king. A dark day was today and the town people see there king body was beard as the sun comes up and sat on the spot that the king was murder and no one can see it as he be beard in the ground. The shop have a sell one pig of the pay of a chickens and buy one get one free . The solder say that if you are able to work and fight come and be a solder and see the would and meet new wolds of your king.

Macbeth kills Duncan the King

The end for Macbth

As his bast friend they fight to the death for killing he's family. As Macbeth wife kills her self in the guilt for what she made her man kills the king to be the new king. The day was gone to the dark as the fight began and blood share be shad in the haven as two man fight one to be king the other fight for the revenge of his king and his family. See what happen to the two man in a fight that will never end .The town people think there is a witch in the town and if you are got out side at night you will be thous you maybe a witch.