Evaluation Q4

By Amari Charles

Who is your target audience and how would they respond to your products?

Target Audience

The target audience for my social realism short film 'Robbed' is:

  • Middle-Class Males
  • Ages 30-50
  • ABC1

After carrying out extensive research into the codes and conventions and target audiences of British social realism films, I have chosen this to be the target audience for the film as this criteria of people generally possess the necessary maturity to understand the content of the film. Although I do understand that maturity is very subjective, the studies I have researched have highlighted that this age range is generally the most mature and competent enough to understand the narrative of a social realism film.

In reference to the Hypodermic Needle theory, this film targets those who fall under surveillance as well as personal identity. This is due to the fact that most people who watch social realism films are of a higher class in comparison to the characters featured in the film and they watch it so that they can become aware and somewhat educated on how the 'poorer' are living.

My film also targets the psycographic groups reformers & succeeders. This is because the people who watch these films are less likely to be influenced by the media, as well as the fact that succeeders will generally be more open to the issues that arise in social realism films as they have a higher education.

The film also has a secondary target audience of

  • Middle-aged females
  • Males aged 14-21

This is because the film tackles work related and relationship issues, therefore allowing middle aged females to be able to relate to certain scenes as well as males. Also, teenagers and young adults may find the film appealing due to the fact that it focuses on a gaming addiction which is a very common thing males at this age.

How Would They Respond

My target audience would most likely take a preferred reading of my film. I believe that the way in which the working class are portrayed in the film would interest my target audience because, as I mentioned before, it would act as a method of surveillance for them as well as making them aware of serious issues, such as addiction, that arise in working class societies.

However, some people from my target audience may take a negotiated reading towards the film. This is because, while the film is of a very serious nature overall, there are elements of comedy in the some scenes which are not necessarily conventional for a social realism film.

However, I believe that I have done thorough enough research into the codes and conventions of social realism films and correctly incorporated them into my film to ensure that no one from my target audience takes away an oppositional reading of the film.