Sneak Peek

January 26, 2015 * Stoy School * Miss Roberts

I hope the beautiful snow has not caused you too much trouble. Due to the unexpected weather, I have reworked out weekly plans and moved some lessons around. I am hoping we can hit the ground running Wednesday morning and achieve most of our weekly goals.


This week, we will read about schools in other parts of the world and explore the question, “Why do authors write different kinds of texts?” In the informational text Schools Around the World, we will learn how schools in other parts of the world are the same and different. We will also read a selection of poems about school in School Poems.

Target Vocabulary: culture, community, languages, transportation, subjects, lessons, special, wear

Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs ee, ea (long e sound)

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a dictionary

Comprehension Skill: Author’s purpose – tell why an author writes a book

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate – tell how you feel about the text and why

The students have a fun Writing Workshop project this week. They will transform their Valentine boxes into a display piece about themselves. Using familiar graphic and text features; heading, photo, caption, text, list, illustration and labels, the students will use each side of the box to inform a reader about themselves. It will be a “lovely” keepsake of their time in second grade


Lesson 6-2: Comparison Number Stories

  • Sharing number story solution strategies
  • Describing and solving comparison number stories
  • Writing number models to summarize addition and subtraction number stories
  • Key Vocabulary - comparison number story, difference, comparison diagram

Lesson 6-3: Data Day: The Four Food Groups

  • Generating whole numbers from sets of tally marks
  • Collecting data and tabulating it in a tally chart
  • Using data in a tally chart to draw and interpret a bar graph
  • Drawing conclusions and answering questions from tally-chart and bar-graph data
  • Key Vocabulary - basic food groups, data table, bar graph

Social Studies

The various landforms and bodies of water found within the United States have been discussed, illustrated, labeled and defined.

Now, the difference between maps and globes will be studied. The second graders will have an opportunity to look, read and manipulate both. When they are familiar with each, they will focus on the continents and oceans. Each student will Continent Book with the seven continents and various bodies of water. After practicing, they will asked to complete a map to locate and label the seven continents and three major oceans; Atlantic, Pacific and Indian and identify the location of the equator and North and South Poles.

Class Visitor

SMILE February is Dental Health Month. To begin on a positive note Dr. Goldberg, Endodontist and Mrs. Goldberg's husband, will be visiting 2R on Monday, February 2nd. He will have a conversation with the students about the importance of proper dental hygiene. Dr. Goldberg will also model the correct procedures for brushing and rinsing.


Monday, January 26th - Early dismissal: Snow
Tuesday, January 27th - No School - Snow
Wednesday, January 28th - No Homework Night
Wednesday & Thursday, January 28th & 29th - Enrichment Classes