Invasion of Iraq

By: Jake Sas

The Start of it All

On March 19th, 2003, President Bush and the United States declared war on Iraq. Their reasoning? They believed that current dictator Saddam Hussein was in the process of acquiring or had already acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The War is Bad

"The invasion of Iraq was wrong, unjust and damaging." (Dowling, paragraph 5). This was the feeling of many, many people at the time Bush announced his plans to use military force within Iraq. Three weeks after Bush made his announcement, he declared all major war activities had commenced in Iraq. Now the man-hunt for Saddam Hussein was on, and after a couple he was found. It was at this time that media outlets around the world began reporting that the U.S. had not found any WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) which was our main purpose in going over there. This led the public eye to believe that we were losing innocent lives for no reason.

The War is Good

To many, the war was justified and could not be avoided. Around the world, everyone believed that Saddam Hussein had war-ready WMD's. Even when he didn't, many consider it a huge success. Why? Well for starters, we drove out and captured a tyrannical dictator who was involved in mass killings and the murderer of millions of innocent lives. I'd say the war was overall the right thing to do.


The invasion took place shortly after the 9/11 attacks. This allowed the President and media to play on the feelings many people had toward middle easterners at the time. There was a great deal of patriotism at play, and the media used that to justify the war. Many people were blindly following what the media said because the media said what the people wanted to hear and that was we were hot on the trail of Saddam and his nuclear weapons. While we did find Saddam; we didn't find the nuclear weapons. This showed people the media bias that was at play.


Big guy picking on the little guy. U.S. picking on Iraq. Simply put, the same thing. That's how certain media portrayed this. Many said that Bush knew Saddam didn't have the nukes and just wanted to reassert America as a world powerhouse and could only do so against a weak country such as Iraq. This is like the big kid picking on the little kid and the little kid getting absolutely destroyed. To some it wasn't fair to Iraq. To me, I believe the U.S. picked a strategic target that would give them a foothold in the middle east.

Media Bias Explained

The media portrayed the war in two lights: bad and good. The bad was the Democratic side of the news. They pushed the war as a loss of American and innocent lives for no good reason and towards the end, many started to believe them. This was a big push in President Obama's campaign and something that ultimately helped him win. The good was the Republican side of the news. They portrayed it as a justified war for the good of the world. They said that Iraq had WMD's that were war ready and they needed to disarm them. Coming out the most tragic event in American History (9/11) it was easy for the media to push this story line. This allowed President Bush to become immensely popular and pushed the American people to see what a justified war it was.
2003: President Bush announces invasion of Iraq