Borders and Powers

Anna Krum


Borders are the boundaries outlining the area that is being controlled by the government. They define where one thing starts and another things ends. They can be determined by physical borders, like mountains, rivers, etc. or by human interaction. A nation's borders help you determine how much resources they have, which in turn determines how much power they have.

Examples- border between Texas and Mexico is the Rio Grande River, and there are borders between each of the states in the United States. These borders may or may not have physical borders, but they are still existent.


Political power is the power that the government has and uses to control or enforce behavior. Each political region can have a sovereign government, which is a government that has the final say and supreme authority. Power can include different levels and types.

For example, in the United States, there is the federal government, then state government, then county, and then local government. Each of these levels has specific powers that are important to the country's success.

Balance of Power

This is a smore over Ireland, the country that I picked for this part of the project.


This is a flowboard answering all of the questions about the Ukraine Crisis.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This is an explain everything answering all of the questions about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.