Cow Calf Ranch Manager

By Zac Wood

Job Description

A cow calf operation takes female cow that are able to breed. When the cows have babies (calf) you raise them for a little while and then sell them. You own a cow herd, then sell the calves that are produced. Cow-calf operations are the backbone of the beef industry and are made up mostly of smaller operations that own anywhere from 10 to 100 cows.



What level of school is required to obtain the career? And Salary

High school diploma

One seasonal employee is hired a total of 1,000 hrs per year and is paid at the rate of $13.10/hr including employer’s share of payroll tax (USDA ERS) The total annual cost is $13,100 for the 200 cow ranch farm. The average labor cost per cow is estimated at $65.50.

Where can you work in the world/U.S. in this career?/Is their continuing professional development for this career?

Anywhere with good grass, a lot of land, and a market for calf’s. In most parts of the USA you can run this operation.

No, you run your own operation.

What do you find interesting about this career?/ Any other information you would like to include.

That you get to own cows. The cows have babies so you get to watch them grow.

Not at this moment.