Julius Ceasar

"I came, I saw, I conquered" -Julius Ceasar

The Great Return Act 1

People are gathering in the center of town celebrating Julius's great return, after defeating his great battle against Pompey. At the gathering, Ceasar is very superstitious and then a soothsayer warns Julius of the Ides of March. Caesar is then offered the crown three times and refuses each time, even though the people are cheering for him to accept. At the same time, Cassius is trying to convince Brutus that Caesar is to ambitious and should be killed before being allowed to rule the Roman Empire.
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The Great Plan Act 2

Brutus agrees that its for Rome's own good for Ceasar to be killed. Brutus also agrees to not kill Ceasars friends because he thinks that its not necessary for them to to die. On the other hand, Calphurinia had a horrible dream that something terrible is going to happen to Ceasar, so she begs him to stay home and not go out. Then Decius tells them that they misinterpreted the dream, so Ceasar finally agrees to go to the senate despite Calphurinia's suggestion. Meanwhile, Artemidorus stands by waiting for Ceasar to give him the letter that tells his what everyone is planning on doing.

The Killing Act 3

Caesar is murdered in the Senate House. Brutus keeps the others from murdering anyone else beside Caesar. Then, Antony enters and pretends to agree with on conspirator's actions, therefore he is granted permission to speak at the funeral. Brutus speaks first at the funeral and explains why he killed Caesar and the people agreed and started to turn against Caesar. Then once Brutus leaves, Antony gets up there for his speech and tells the audience how great Caesar was and the crowd gets angry at Brutus & the conspirators, and wants revenge.

The finding Act 4

Battle plans are being made as well as a list of people supportive of Brutus and the conspirators. These people are to be killed. Octavius and Antony methodically pick people (even family members) who are to be executed. Then Brutus and Cassius are fighting and then Brutus seems like he is mad at Cassius for convincing him kill Caesar. Then Brutus finds out that his wife committed suicide be swallowing hot coals. After that, Brutus sees the ghost of Caesar who tells him that they will see each other in Philippi.
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The final Farewell Act 5

The battle is about ready to begin. First Octavius, Antony, Cassius, and Brutus meet on the battlefield to talk, but they cannot and will not cooperate. Brutus and Cassius say their farewells and part. It appears that Brutus has been defeated. Pindarus tells Cassius that Brutus has been taken and Antony has defeated him. Cassius kills himself and then after seeing Cassius's body, Titinius kills himself. Later Brutus says that Caesar's spirit "walks abroad" so Caesar is making sure his killers will die. By the end, Brutus and Cassius' armies have been overwhelmed and Antony and Octavius are fast moving in on Brutus. Brutus asks Strato to kill him and he agrees. Once Antony and Octavius find the body they say that Brutus was the only noble person among the conspirators.