About Me

Ana Gallegos

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Where am I from?

I, Ana Corina Gallegos, was born in Washington D.C. to Venezuelan parents. Yes, I was born in the nation's capital, but I consider myself Venezuelan before American. After living for about eight months in D.C., my parents and I moved to Weston, Florida, a suburban town about 50 minutes north of Miami. I graduated from Cypress Bay High School, said goodbye to my life in the bubble that is Weston, and came to the University of Central Florida.

What is my major?

I am currently majoring in chemistry, but that might change later on. My love for chemistry began sophomore year of high school, and I went on to take two more chemistry classes, AP chemistry and organic chemistry. After I graduate from undergrad, I want to go to medical school and eventually become an orthopedic surgeon.


I applied to EXCEL because of the opportunity of extra help. Being a bit introverted, I have always dreaded asking for help or clarification, so when I heard about all the tools and guides that the EXCEL program has, I did not hesitate to apply. Now that I have all the extra help, I won't ever hesitate to ask for help.

How EXCEL will help me

I believe that EXCEL will help me succeed in my first year of college. This is due to all the tools and resources that EXCEL has. For one, the study days once a week will definitely help me get ahead in my math assignments. Also, my GEM mentor is there to help and guide me if I ever have any questions about anything. Overall, the guidance and resources will allow me to EXCEL in my first year of college.

Unique Fact

Football Fanatic...and by football I mean soccer football, not American football. Watching the world cup every four years, rooting for the once oh so perfect Brazil, has made me realize my love for that sport. Recently, I have been getting more into club games and found my love for Chelsea FC, 2014-2015 Premier League Champions, as well as Spain's giant FC Barcelona.