Panda Post

Issue #28

Classroom News

If your child has a summer birthday-please be on the lookout for a note to determine which day in May we will celebrate their special day before the end of the year!

Please send your child's signed progress report back this week! Let me know if you have any questions about any of their grades.

Our class did the best out of all of the second grade classes on our Reading CDB last week! (We rock!!) This week we will have our math CDB on Wednesday morning. Please make sure your child gets a good night's rest Tuesday night and eats a good breakfast in the morning! This will fuel their brain and give them energy to work through all 25 (yes, 25, ugh!) questions.

In writing and reading this week we will be working on an author study of Mo Willems. This is the author of the Pigeon Books and the Elephant and Piggie books, which have been some of the students' favorites all year.

We are now using the classroom behavior management app, Class Dojo. Students are very excited about earning points for doing the right thing! Each child has a cute monster avatar and if you connect with the app as well, students are able to customize their monster and you can view their progress daily!

Spelling words (compound words): inside, myself, bedroom, football, birthday, downtown, baseball, cannot, outside, into

Upcoming Events

5/2-5/6 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/4 Math CDB

5/5 Cinco De Mayo

5/5 Pep Rally

5/6 Early Release

5/6 Mother's Day Cakes

5/8 Mother's Day