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We are thankful and blessed to work with you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Birdville Digital Learning Team

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We are thankful to work with so many dedicated and growth-minded professionals. We love collaborating and learning with each and every one of you. Thank you for being amazing educators who constantly innovate for the best student learning experience.

Use the links below to see the amazing things that you and the Digital Learning team are designing and delivering for student success:



High School


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Photo Mapo App

Easily transform your Thanksgiving photos into mapped masterpieces you will want to share with friends and family.

* Choose from 23 predefined styles: like Postcard, Treasure and Retro
* Customize by changing the background, map type and zoom level
* Share instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Instagram
* Attach to an email or save to the camera roll
* Include a description for your mapped masterpiece
* Use the built-in camera for quick photo taking
* Work with photos from other cameras
* Attach a GPS location to a photo that does not have one
* Automatically use the last photo you took
* Without any annoying ads

FREE in the App store for your phone or Project Innovate iPad

FREE Android App

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The New District Single Sign-On Portal - Coming Soon!

Technology is putting some finishing touches on the new BISD Online Services Portal (single sign-on) and has received some very positive feedback from pilot campuses. The portal will greatly assist with consolidating district logins for our ever-expanding list of web-based applications. Technical Services will keep everyone updated and let you know when the new portal is ready for release to all staff and students. We are REALLY thankful for this!!!


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How are you using Flocabulary?

  • 800+ educational videos and lessons for all subjects, grades K-12
  • Research-based activities to teach content knowledge and build literacy skills
  • Unlimited access from any device

Sign up today:

Use the links below to learn more!

Check out the example below:


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Nuzzel - Personalized News for You Every Day

We are thankful for and addicted to Nuzzel because it does one incredibly simple and clever thing: It creates a news feed based on what your friends are reading and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media and what their friends are sharing. The result is amazingly interesting: You get a feed of headlines that feel much closer and more relevant to what you're interested in, because they're being tweeted or shared by friends, family, experts, your favorite bloggers, teacher leaders, and coworkers.

FREE in the Apple and Android Store


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Rubrics that Help Us Be Better Instructional Designers

Here is one of our new favorites - The Project Design Rubric for Teachers.

Use this rubric when you are designing projects for students.

Use the file link below to view/download your copy:


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Breakout of the Ordinary Instruction!

Breakout EDU can be used to introduce a new lesson or concept, to reinforce and strengthen learning, or at the end of a unit to bring closure to a lesson and reinforce skills and concepts learned, all in a fun way.

FREE Breakout EDU at the link below:


Password: showyourwork

Click the "Search all Games" button to find a game.

Contact your Digital Learning Specialist if you would like help setting up and running your first Breakout EDU with your students.


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Time for Family, Friends and a Re-Charge

We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing break and get to spend some quality time with family and friends.

7.5 - This Just In!

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Our Innovation Mindset Quote for the Week:

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