A Week In Israel

Bar Asayag

Day 1-CInneret lake

In the Cinerret, the water are sweet and beautiful and the lake is in a very beautiful ancient city call "Tibiries". You can see the city and then come to the cinneret' or even stay in the cinneret for a few hours, from the morning to the evening. The water have wonderful color and in the middle of the water ther's platform that you can jump from.

Day 2-Achziv Beach

In the second day you can go to Achziv Beach. It's a great big beach. There's a lot of rocks and the water have a special wonderful color and the rocks are cover with soft green alage. The beach suitable for big families with children, and you should come with some friends.

Day 3-Haifa

Haifa is am amazing city. First, you can see the Carmel Forest who is very close to the city, and then travel in it. You can see the Baha'i Gardens- a very famous simble of Haifa!!! You can also visit in the Haifa Bay and in the under grownd city.

Day 4-Jerusalem

Jerusalem it's my favorite place in the whole wide world and the ancient city in the world. You can walk from the old city and come to an unique place:the Wastern Wall. you can pry and write your wish on a note and put it in the wall holes and hope that it will come trou. You can also visit in the City of David and learn about it. The old city is very beautiful and interesting. I visit in Jerusalem many times and it's never gets old. You always learn something new about it. Exeft from the walking in the city you can eat in a great restaurant, go shoping, visit in musion and so many stuff.

day 5-Tel-Aviv-Yaffo

Tel Aviv called "the noon stop city": Shes the biggest city in Israel and the biggest metropolyn. You can walt in the old neighborhoods and go to the beach and from there walk in the port and finish the day there, because itws very beautiful to see the sunset from there. thers also many bicycle paths so you can ride on bike and its give so so many free time to do even more things.

day 6- Dead Sea

"The lowest place in the world". It's a one of a kind place. You can float on a very salty water. There's a people from all over the world who come to the dead see for health and to get a better skin. The mauntains with the beautiful special see create an amazing view. It's also safety to soak up the sun because the radiation is very low.

Day 7-Eilat

Ther's no a better way to finish you week in Israel but in eilat. Eilat is a big city in the sauth. You can go to the Dolphins Beach and feed the Dholphins and even swim with them! You can do such a fun things on the see, even go to a yacth and jump to the water. Later you can go to the promenade and have dinner, shoppind and even just walk there- it's very fun.