Famous Iowan: Femi Emiola

by: Jaclyn Smith

Starting Out

Femi Emiola was born in Iowa city on January,1st 1970.

Her early life was spent in between country's. The Philippines, were her mother was from, and Nigeria were her father was from. She returned to the United States before she was a teenager.

Jumping Right In

After high school, She trained in theater arts at Iowa State University. Then studied in New York with a director/acting teacher, Wynn Handman. Femi's first break through was the award-winning short film The Living Silence. In 2006-2007 Femi played Lani walker on a popular TV show called wicked wicked games. They aired a completion of 65 episodes in march 2007. She later appeared in a web series named "If looks could kill." Femi also appeared on shows➡ER, Ghost Whisperer, Scubs, Las Vegas, The new adventures of old Christine,Tyler Perry's :House of Payne, and The practice.

Why I chose her and how she impacted me

I chose Femi Emiola because she is a independent woman who worked hard for what she's got. Femi has been in many shows that reflect her talent.

How Femi Emiola impacted me was how she taught me that if you strive enough you will get to your goal.

IB Trait

Risk-taker : She is a risktaker because her whole career could have flopped if she hadn't continue to work hard.


What year was she born in?

What college did she train theater arts in?

What was the name of her award-winning short film?

What show was she in that aired on Nick@Nite?

If Looks Could Kill, Toyota Webisode Trailer