Together in Learning and Faith

Pentecost Sunday - June 9

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Thank you Elder Kokum Doreen

Thank you, Elder Kokum Doreen and Kokum Marianne, for your visit last Monday and sharing your Cree language and heritage. We look forward to having you join us again soon.
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Lifetouch Photos

If you still have your child's Lifetouch Spring photos at home please send them back to school by Monday, June 10th. All you need to do is:
  • Keep the photos you wish to purchase. These can be paid for online or by cash or cheque sent to the school in the envelope enclosed in your photo package.
  • Return the picture sheets you do not wish to purchase to the school.

Please contact May-Lee in the office with any questions - thank you.

Demographic Confirmation Forms

Our records show that less than 50% of the EICS Demographic Confirmation Forms have been completed. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to visit your PowerSchool ParentPortal account and complete this form, one for each child you have registered with us at EICS. This form ensures that we have up-to-date contact information for the coming year.

Alberta Education requires that we obtain a detailed update of student demographics on an annual basis. School funding from Alberta Education is conditional on us receiving these updates and including them in your student’s record. More importantly, these forms ensure that we have the most current contact information if we need to reach you in event of an emergency.

Please follow these steps to access, review and submit these forms:

1) Log into PowerSchool at

2) Under the "Forms and Fees" menu click "School Engage Student Forms"

3) For each of your students, complete any forms which have been assigned to them.

We certainly appreciate you taking the time to complete these forms. Should you have any questions, or require assistance, please contact May-Lee in the office at 780-998-3716 and she will be happy to help. Thank you very much.

Registration at OLA continues to be OPEN!

Pre-Kindergarten at OLA has limited spaces in morning class and we are proud to share that in collaboration with SJXXIII Catholic School we have opened an afternoon Pre-Kindergarten class hosted at SJXXIII! Spread the Word! Come journey with us!

We are very blessed to have a Pre-Kindergarten program at OLA that is led by a certified teacher that focuses on a faith and student-centered approach to learning and discovery. Our Pre-K teacher, along with an Early Learning team consisting of; Speech and Language Pathologist and assistants, Occupational Therapist, Early Learning Consultants, Physio Therapist, and educational assistants that work together to provide an inclusive program where all students can learn and develop in a responsive environment. Our Team works closely with families to provide support and screening of important developmental milestones.

Kindergarten Registration is open too and our doors are wide open! We continue to have space for Kindergarten children. Spread the great news!

Come Play, Learn, and Grow with us!

Click HERE for registration details!

Monday Faith Assembly

Planning for Success in 2019-2020

Ensuring Positive Transitions

At OLA, children's successful learning and growing, emotionally, academically, socially, mentally and physically are top priorities. One of the ways we help to ensure successful whole-child growth is through conscious and purposeful planning to support positive transitions from one grade to another, with a little extra TLC for our grade 4 students who are changing schools. Some of the ways we have facilitated these positive transitions so far are:

  • Reconnecting with our St. John XXIII friends at the Alberta Opera presentation;
  • Having our grade 4s go to St. John Paul II Catholic School with their SJXXIII friends to tour the school;
  • Welcoming the Principal and Assistant Principal from St. JPII to connect with students before their arrival;
  • Inviting St. JPII students to facilitate fun day activities;
  • Facilitating Power Options where children have the opportunity to work with and learn with teachers beyond their grade level and interact with peers in and around their grade level;
  • Believing and acting on this belief, that all children at OLA are collectively loved and cared for, no matter what their homeroom or grade;
  • In April, as partners in children's learning, parents were invited to participate in the process of classroom context building by sharing information that may be relevant to the process.
  • Taking into account the many factors that affect classroom composition, the OLA teaching and learning support teams continue to plan for children's success by visiting and revising class compositions to best serve all students.

These a just a few pieces of the purposeful planning that has occurred to build connections and positive transitions.

The following are a few more purposeful steps on the journey to support all children's learning:

  • In the afternoon of Tuesday, June 18, families will be invited to log into PowerSchool and learn who their child's next year's homeroom teacher will be. This will allow families to engage in positive conversations about the upcoming year and set the stage for the exciting experiences coming up.
  • On Wednesday, June 19 children will have the opportunity to visit and get to know their next year's teacher as well as spend some time with their next year's class peers.
  • Teachers and the learning support team will engage in transition conversations with next year's teachers to ensure all the great learning progress continues. These conversations highlight the strategies that work well to help each child grow and learn in their unique ways and at their learning pace.
  • Sharing information about what children will learn next year to invite parents to be companions on the learning journey.

Committed to Successful Student Learning

Every year we collectively review our contexts to determine how best to serve all OLA students. Doing what is best for all children means looking at each year's context through a variety of lenses to determine how to best serve all students' needs with the resources available. At the School Council meeting in May, parents engaged in a similar review process, and provided their perspectives and feedback to best serve all children at OLA. With all of the data available to us and the best interest of all of our students at the heart of every decision, OLA will have some combined classes in the 2019-2020 school year. Many schools in EICS are responding similarly and planning for successful learning through combined classes. In response, EICS is creating a Combined Class Cohort to further support and celebrate student learning and to share best practices. For more information about combined classes, we invite you to click here.

In every classroom, straight-grade or combined, learners are working at varying levels in math, reading and writing as well, they are at different points on their learning journey socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Combined classes are rich and diverse learning environments that create opportunities for students to work with a wide-range of individuals with different strengths, lived experiences and backgrounds. Combined classrooms look like any other classroom. The vast majority of the Alberta Curriculum has similar outcomes across each grade level with an increased depth to their demonstration, understanding and application, building from one year to the next. This translates to the fact that children in different grade levels are working on many of the same concepts. We invite you to visit the links below for more information about what your child will be learning at each grade level.

As with every class, teachers work to meet each student where they are on their learning journey and help move them along the learning continuum regardless of their grade level. Additionally, assessments for and of learning are collected in a variety of ways to create a complete picture of learning. This is called Triangulation, and teachers assess through observations, products and conversations. In every classroom, combined or straight-grade, children are experimenting, exploring, discovering and being nurtured and loved by teachers.

What will my child learn next year?

In addition to learning how much God loves each and every one of His children, learning how to play, be curious, encourage, care for, spread joy and peace and deepen their relationships with Christ, in addition to building strong meaningful connections with their mentors, teachers, OLA's support team and their peers, children also work to achieve specific learning outcomes as outlined by Alberta Education.

As you may know, the Alberta Curriculum will be changing. We are waiting word from the new government as to the implementation timeline. For now, to be companions on your child's learning journey, we invite you to click on the links below. The first link allows you to dig a little deeper into each subject area. The second link is an overall view of what will be explored at that grade level.

Kindergarten, Kindergarten at a Glance

Grade 1, Grade 1 at a Glance

Grade 2, Grade 2 at a Glance

Grade 3, Grade 3 at a Glance

Grade 4, Grade 4 at a Glance

Grade 5, Grade 5 at a Glance

Grade 4 News from St. John Paul II School

St. John Paul II School sent their Complementary Course Registration Packages home last week for our Grade 4 students heading to St. JPII in the fall. You can access their Complementary Course Descriptions here, and if you need, you can print a copy of their Course Request Form here. Please complete this course request form with your child and return it to their homeroom teacher no later than Tuesday, June 11.

One-to-One Device in EICS

At Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS) our mission is to inspire success, confidence and hope in each student. As leaders in the use of technology we encourage creative and innovative learning.

Today’s students are already technology leaders. They want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and make it a normal part of their classroom experience. Research tells us that if we reflect this in their learning experiences, we will increase engagement which leads to improved student success.

EICS will be continuing with its very successful One-to-One technology program which invites students in Grades 4 to 12 to bring their own device to school as another tool for learning. In the classroom, students will use devices responsibly, and only with the permission and direction of the teacher or other staff members. Of course, technology alone will not improve learning — but when combined with the right instruction from skilled staff, amazing things can happen.

Please visit our school webpage for further information about One-to-One in EICS.

Beauty and the Beast Tuesday!

We are so excited to be welcoming the student actors from St. John Paul II School on Tuesday, June 11th to present "Beauty and the Beast" for us! The show will start at 9:00 am, join us if you can!

Library Materials

It is now time to return all library materials to the school. Please take a moment to look through your bookshelves at home for any missing library books. It is appreciated!

Grade 3 Release their Butterflies!

CRAZY Sock Day at OLA with a Sock Hop!!

Last Round of Power Options!

Grade 2 T-Pet

OLA School Council News

Playground Society News

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The Playground Society is grateful for volunteers to help with their events, you can reach them at: Bravo and congratulations on a highly successful BBQ and community building event!!! There were lots of smiles, full tummies and laughter! Bravo! Thank you to all volunteers and a special thank you to Sam Ledrew and Amber Eastman who head up the society!

There is an active gofundme account for the Playground Society. Please click here for more details or to donate. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

Fort Sask Catholic Schools Playground Society Website

OLA Parish News

OLA Parish Vacation Bible Camp

Our Lady of the Angels Church will be hosting a Children's Bible Camp from July 22 - 26 running from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm each day! Please contact the parish office to register.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church

10004 - 101 St.

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Phone: 780-998-3288

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Community News

Blanket Exercise hosted by First United Church

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Looking Ahead . . .

Sunday, June 9

  • Pentecost Sunday - the birthday of our Catholic Church
  • Playground Society BBQ 12:00 - 4:00 pm in Legacy Park - everyone welcome!

Monday, June 10

  • Faith Assembly at 9:00 am - wear red as we celebrate Pentecost
  • Visit from Fort Saskatchewan Public Library at assembly
  • St. André Bessette Mentors visit

Tuesday, June 11

  • Deadline for Grade 4 students to return their complementary course requests for St.JPII

  • St. John Paul II School performs Beauty of the Beast 9:00 am at OLA School - join us!

  • 10:15 am St. André Bessette Graduate Walk - congratulations and blessings to our 2019 Grads!

  • SLS Faith Team Meeting at lunch

  • Return library materials to Mrs. Wagner

Wednesday, June 12

  • No Pre-Kindergarten
  • St. André Bessette Mentors visit
  • Boston Pizza Final Hot Lunch of the Year - thank you OLA School Council!
  • Return library materials to Mrs. Wagner

Thursday, June 13

  • Return library materials to Mrs. Wagner
  • Early Learning Family Event Evening for our Pre-K to Kindergarten families 6-8pm

Friday, June 14

  • St. André Bessette Mentors final visit of the year - thank you for your joy and dedication!
  • SLS School Spirit Team Meeting at lunch
  • Test Drive Pre-K & Kindergarten 1:00 - 2:30 pm for our new students - welcome!

Sunday, June 16

  • Happy Father's Day - we are grateful for our wonderful fathers and grandfathers!

And a Little Further Ahead . . .

June 17 No Faith Assembly (Grade 4 Farewell Mass Tuesday at OLA Church)

June 17 Grade 4 visit Millennium Place

June 18 Grade 4 Farewell Mass at OLA Church 10:00 am - join us to celebrate our Grade 4s!

June 18 Parents able to view on PowerSchool who their child's homeroom teacher will be - Stay tuned for the email

June 19 Students: Meet Your Next Year's Teacher today

June 20 Grade 3 visit Edmonton Valley Zoo

June 21 Grade 2 visits the Ukrainian Village - corrected date

June 21 Grade 3 milk delivery (because they are away June 20th)

June 24 No Faith Assembly (Final year-end assembly June 27 9:30 am)

June 25 Parish Visit

June 25 Grade 3 swimming 1:00 pm Harbour Pool

June 27 Final Assembly of the Year 9:30 am - let's celebrate an amazing year at OLA!

June 27 Last day of school for students - Here comes summer!

June 27 Report cards available for viewing on your PowerSchool ParentPortal - Stay tuned for email

June 28 Staff only day

To see what is up and coming even further ahead, please visit our website calendar.

You can view our Kindergarten Calendar here and our Pre-K Calendar here.

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