Three Times Lucky

By: Sheila Turnage

Three Times Lucky

Mo, a rising sixth grader, straight-A student, and a natural born detective is on a mission

to find the murderer of a the Cafe's crankiest costumer, Jesse Tatum. Next thing they know a city-slick lawman shows up asking questions. Mo, and her best friend for life, Dale are planning to find out who the murderer is. But when Mo finds the abandoned house where the murderer might be hiding, she finds something unexpected... a bloody hand print Mo thinks might be her fake mom that took her in as her own..... Interested?...

Read Three Times Lucky to find out!

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Quote Me

"Mo washed ashore in Tupelo Landing, South Carolina, eleven years ago during one of the meanest hurricanes in history, and she's been making waves ever since." "I'll do my best to find Miss Lana." "This time the Colonel has gone three days without calling, that means he broke the The Three Days rule." "My heart sang out, Finally, Finally."

Product Details

Mo is: 11 years old in 5-6 grade

Book's Details: 312 pages long Published by Scholastic Inc.

Book's Recommendations: For Ages 8-12

This Is a Five Star Book!

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