Lincoln Log

(In Person Edition) November 29, 2020

Welcome Back Lincoln Loggers

I hope you all enjoyed a nice break and were able to spend some time with family over the last few days and disconnect a bit from technology! The weather has been beautiful and I know I was able to hang a few Christmas lights at my home without freezing. It felt good to get outside a bit and just enjoy being with my kids and husband.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new students who have begun at Lincoln over the last couple of weeks. We have new students in-person at Kindergarten, Second, Fourth and Fifth Grades. Please enjoy a warm Lincoln welcome!

At the last board meeting, it was decided that school at the elementary level would take place Monday through Thursday only..similar to what is taking place at the secondary level. NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAYS FOR STUDENTS! Please realize that some teachers MAY offer some opportunities for struggling learners to have some catch-up tutoring sessions on Fridays but these would be pre-arranged by teachers with individual students/families and is NOT a required attendance.

I hope you all have been able to remain healthy of mind and body!

If I can ever be of service, please don't hesitate to call or email me at

Yours in partnership! Mrs. Whooley Jepson (Principal)

Special December 1 Meeting on Referendum

All - below is the link and meeting information for a 12/1 meeting at 5:30pm to discuss and provide feedback on the failed WSD Referendums. Colleen has been asked by Dr. Hilts to pull together PTOs to discuss and gather feedback and information. Please join if you are able and discuss with us! Thanks!

Lincoln PTO is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: PTO - Referendum Discussion
Time: Dec 1, 2020 05:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 791 7483 4798
Passcode: G84Jky

Attendance - Who Do I Call?

Virtual students should call their HOME schools to report any absences. So, Lincoln students - even if being taught by a non-Lincoln teacher - should call the Lincoln office to report any absences or appointments. Please remember to call the school office before 9:00 am at 715-261-0965.

Remember that our virtual day runs from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursday only!

Mark Your Calendars

This is a reminder that classes will take place Monday-Thursday only! Friday is a day for staff to use for planning and prep time. No school for students on Friday! Some staff may connect with students who are struggling to keep up and may provide extra tutoring experiences. This would be done on an individual as-needed basis only.

Reminder that Monday is a Day 3 Rotation 2.

December 1 - Bridging Brighter Smiles at Lincoln

December 1 - PTO Meeting on Failed Referendum

December 2 - Bridging Brighter Smiles at Lincoln

December 7 - Third Grade Field Trip to School Forest

December 3 - January 4 - Winter Break

Lincoln Staff

Following is a list of virtual staff members at Lincoln for this year. I thought it may be handy for you all to have so you know who your child is interacting with online:

Health Services Team

Ms. Alexandra Hein - Nurse serving mutliple schools

Ms. Sacia Taylor - Health Aide for Lincoln Elementary

Pupil Services Team

Mrs. Karpinsky - Social Worker

Ms. Poncek - School Counselor

Mrs. Reimann - School Psychologist

Encore Teachers - will continue to work with a majority of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade virtual students

Ms. Cumberland - Music

Mrs. Duesselmann - Science

Mrs. Gilbertson -- Library

Mrs. Jaglinski - Gifted/Talented

Ms. Lindberg - Art

Mrs. MickBeversdorf (aka Mrs. B) - Phy Ed

Ms. Poncek - Guidance

Regular Education Virtual Teachers

Ms. Tera Mattke - Kindergarten teacher from South Mountain

Ms. Jennifer Ekiss - Kindergarten teacher from Marshall

Mrs. Chris Giebel - 1st grade teacher from Lincoln

Mrs. Yer Thao - 2nd grade teacher from Lincoln

Mrs. Megan Gast - 3rd grade teacher from Lincoln

Ms. Katelynn Neidner - 3rd grade teacher from GD Jones

Mrs. Ashley Zoch - 4th grade teacher from Lincoln

Mrs. Tanya Kramar (with Long Term Sub Mr. Bruce Trueblood) - 5th grade teacher from Lincoln

Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Dahnke - Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Reiche - Speech/Language

Ms. Lehman - multicategorical (works mainly with medically fragile students)

Mr. Nygaard - multicategorical (works mainly with grades 4-5)

Miss Vils - multicategorical (works mainly with grades K-3)

Ms. Xiong - adaptive physical education

Miss Yunk - multicategorical (works mainly with students with emotional/behavioral disabilities)

English Learner/Bilingual Teachers

Mrs. Bennett

Mrs. Vang

Mrs. Veenstra

Title Teachers

Mrs. Burke

Mrs. Imhoff


Mrs. DeValk - lead cafeteria

Mrs. Dreikosen - G2M coordinator (all classes are remaining virtual this year)

Mrs. Fortenberry - Special Education

Miss Hardinger - Special Education

Mrs. Lenz - Title

Ms. Mletzko. (aka Ms. Roxann)- Bilingual

Ms. Taylor - Health room

Mrs. Wirt - Special Education

Ms. Wollenzein (aka Ms. Brea) - Special Education

Mrs. Yang - English Learners

Mr. Xiong - English Learners

Miss Vang (aka Miss Aimee) - Building Para

Custodial Staff

Mr. John - night custodian

Ms. Cindy - night custodian

Mr. Jeff- lead custodian

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Rebecca Gartmann


Mrs. Whooley Jepson (many students/families just refer to me as Mrs. Jepson)

Lincoln Elementary (K-5)

Principal: Colleen Whooley Jepson


Administrative Assistant: Rebecca Gartmann


Address: 720 S. 6th Avenue

Wausau, WI. 54401

Phone: 715-261-0965