Come Together! September 9, 2021

Mr. McIntosh, Principal of Upper Allen Elementary

This week teachers finely felt like they were able to get into the steady routines of the school day. The students have also responded well showing great enthusiasm for learning and relationship building. It is comforting to see how quickly students form productive friendships. Next week we look forward to being in school every day.

The teachers will be offering two sessions tonight for Back to School Night.

  • Session One: 6:00-6:30 This is a "live" in school session with the teachers. Please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes early .
  • Session Two: 6:45-7:15 Teachers will be "Zooming" with parents. This virtual session is being offered to parents who are unable to make it in to school.

Back to School Night presents parents with a great opportunity to connect with the teacher and learn about the plans for the year ahead. The evening is not an appropriate time to conference with the teacher about individual students. Reminder: This is an "Adult Only" event. Please Remember to bring a mask as all guests will be expected to wear a mask when inside the school.

I hope to see all of our families attending one of the sessions this evening.

The background photo was taken in Mrs. Maloney's Second Grade Classroom the first week of school.

Wear Your Red, White and Blue! Friday September 10

We are inviting all students and staff to wear Red, White and Blue on Friday in honor of those who lost their lives on September 11th.

The World Expo at Upper Allen Elementary

A group of teachers and parents have already been meeting to plan for a "World Expo" in November. We will be inviting parents to help us teach our students about countries and cultures at the World Expo.

One of the strengths of Upper Allen Elementary is the diversity of its students and families. It may surprise you to learn that the parents of Upper Allen students are native to over 15 different countries speaking at least 10 different languages! Students have grandparents or great grandparents who migrated from lands far away. In addition, many students have ancestors who have lived in the US for many generations and still retain some of the traditions native to a particular country. Having such a diverse student population helps our students to value and gain appreciation for others who may look, talk or dress differently from them or their family.

Do you think you might want to help out with the World Expo at Upper Allen? Watch for flyers later in the month and future newsletters for more information.

Important Dates- new dates added weekly

  • Thursday, September 9 Back To School Night 6:-7:30 p.m. (Adults Only)

  • Tuesday, September 14th PTO Meeting 7:00-8:00 Upper Allen Community Classroom
  • Monday, September 27th Individual Student Picture Day
  • Friday, October 8th Alternate Learning Day - Students will learn at home on this day.
  • October 9th-11th Columbus Day Weekend - No School for Students

Upper Allen Elementary Drills

Each month students and staff participate in fire evacuation drills. Student practice what to do in the event of a real emergency requiring the evacuation of the building.

MASD schools practice secure in place and/or lockdown procedures when conducting a security drill. Schools are required to conduct one emergency drill within the first 90 calendar days of the school year in place of a fire drill and a second security drill during the second semester.

Upper Allen Elementary will be conducting emergency drills following these guidelines throughout the year. If you have specific questions about these drills, please consult the student handbook.

Mechanicsburg Elementary Weekend Food Bag Program

Mechanicsburg Area School District is privileged to offer a weekend food distribution program for families in need. The purpose of the program is to provide non-perishable, vitamin-fortified, and easy to prepare foods to children at times when school resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. Bags will include two breakfasts, two meals, and two snacks. The program is free of charge.

If your family is interested in receiving weekend food bags, please return the form below to Mrs. Padfield, school counselor (only one per family is needed).

Volunteers Needed:

We are in need of volunteers to pack food bags, and volunteers to pick the bags up from the Kindergarten Academy and deliver to Upper Allen. If you are interested in helping please contact Mrs. Padfield

Big picture

A Message from Nurse Walker

A few reminders as we prepare for the school year.

Dentals Exams - Mandated for all students entering 3rd grade. We will accept dental exams from one year prior to the current 2021/22 school year. Please email, fax ( 717-691-2474) or drop off the completed forms at the beginning of the 2021/22 school year. Forms may be accessed via www.mbgsd.org or by the link below. These exams may be conducted by your private dentist or by the Mobile Dentist. The Mobile Dentist will be visiting MASD in the spring of 2022. Please contact your nurses if you would like to have your student seen by the Mobile Dentist.

Medication/Health Care Plans: If your student has any medication or emergency health care plan needs during the school year, please have the appropriate form(s) completed by their medical provider over the summer. Medications brought into school must have the prescription label attached as well as a written order by their medical provider. Medication orders and emergency care plans are required to be renewed every school year. Please make arrangements to have the medication and/or emergency plans to the nurse on or before 1st day of school.

All forms may be accessed via the district website www.mbgsd.org or by the link below.

MASD Health Forms

PTO News

We are so excited to start planning activities and events for the 2021-2022 school year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook at Upper Allen Elementary PTO to stay up to date on meetings and events.

The PTO is a great way to get involved in the school- Join us!

First meeting is scheduled for September 14 from 7-8, we hope to see you there!

Around Our School

Sensory Path

21-22 District Calendar

WANTED: GUEST TEACHERS and Cafeteria Aides

Guest Teacher: Mechanicsburg Area School District is pleased to announce an exciting program where you may be able to qualify as a Guest Teacher in our school district. Guest Teachers serve as substitute teachers in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. There are opportunities across all grade levels. https://www.applitrack.com/Mechanicsburg/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Teaching+Positions

Cafeteria Aide: Looking for a part time job during the school day? If you enjoy children and want to earn a little extra income for your family, this might be a great opportunity for you.
Additional Information:
To learn more about becoming a Cafeteria Aide or a Guest Teacher, please visit our website at www.mbgsd.org,
Click on District Services, then choose Human Resources or contact Britny Hopkins, Human Resources Coordinator at 717-506-0863 or bhopkins@mbgsd.org.

Wildcat Bi-Weekly - Access and Info

The Wildcat Bi-Weekly Newsletter for Upper Allen Elementary School is sent out twice per month to those families who have children at Upper Allen. Parents have a variety of options for receiving the Wildcat Bi-Weekly:

  • Option 1: Email via the Sapphire Information System. Emails are entered into the system when registering students for school. Sapphire sends messages to parents via email who have students attending Upper Allen. If you are receiving this message and you do not have a student attending Upper Allen, you must contact the Registrar's Office 717-691-4517 to be removed from the email list.

  • Option 2: FOLLOW - Click the "Follow" button at the bottom of the newsletter to receive a copy as soon as it is edited and published.

  • Facebook: Newsletters are published on the Upper Allen PTO Facebook Page. This is also a great place to get PTO updates and to share and receive information.

  • Twitter: Follow me on Twitter to receive the newsletter and other insights. John McIntosh @jmcintosh_john

Translation Feature

  • Twitter added an easy to use translator located at the top right-hand side of the newsletter. Now you can read the newsletter in any language.

Locating "Old" Newsletters

  • Newsletters are posted on the Upper Allen Web page and can be accessed at any time.


  • Each year we try to improve the Wildcat B-Weekly as a tool to communicate with our families. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

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