Movie Director


A Movie Director is the most important part of the making of a film. He/She plans out all the scenes and names the movie. Running a successful film shoot - from storyboarding to directing actors, renting equipment, hiring crew and setting up on the day of the shoot are all part of the Directors daily duty. All of these things and more are the Directors responsibility. You must look over everything- from the costumes and the style of the actors you hired. You have to make sure all these things fit your production.

Working schedule

A Movie Directors working hours is very long. It all depends on the movie you are producing. First, you have to get people to like your idea, then you have to get all the equipment, and that is not cheap. Then you need people who can work the equipment, and you will be busy in a lot of meetings. And of course you have to find the right place to shoot the film, where onlookers wont bother you. So, a Directors schedule is very hectic, and there is no time limit.
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A Movie Directors working location all depends on where you want it to be. Its all your choice, nobody can dictate your decisions when making a film. The location is anywhere you want the movie to take place. It could be in multiple places.
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  • First you have to know that all it is wise to be in a group called the DGA. It stands for the

    Directors Guild of America. It is a very hard union to get into.You usually need to be associated with a production company that has an agreement with the guild, then get placed on a qualifying list. Once you qualify, you must pay an initiation fee and quarterly dues.

    Base salary for DGA members depends on the budget of the film they're working on. For budgets below $1.5 million, base salary starts at about $10,000 per week. Budgets above that dictate a base salary of about $15,000 per week. Additional rules exist for short films, sequel rights and guaranteed periods of employment, which may add to the DGA member's salary.

Education needed

To be a Movie Director, all the education you really need is 4 years of high school, a bachelors degree. You should be good in arts and journalism. The qualities you need is leadership and commitment. AND YOU MUST BE CREATIVE.

Skills required

You must be good in journalism and arts. Dont forget creativity! You must be a good leader and commit yourself to your project.

Job outlook/Related jobs

There are not that many Movie Directors. That is because its a LOT of hard work, and you must be determined.

Some related jobs include: actor, writer, lawyer. All these jobs demand the same qualities in a Movie Director.