The unbelievable SCHAKARANG is the boomerang with huge range

Long range

This boomerang has a range of 600 yards. Probably the longest ever. The accuracy is amazing. The secret is a targeting system inside of the middle of the boomerang which turns the boomerang towards a certain target.

We are located in Ogun State, Nigeria

Come To The Schack-O-Rangs

We have a wide variety of boomerang although the four described above are our best sellers and the best in the shop!!! All of the boomerangs have a great koala-ty


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Boys Noize

Boys Noize "Ich R U" by Boys Noize


Thursday, May 30th, 8am-9pm

1189 Virginia Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA

free boomerang raffle with fun games going to carity

Some come on down and have fun.

Fun for all ages. Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and merry go round.

Tickets: $5 per person

The Manager

Eric Schillinger-manager, founder, and enthusiast of this program