The first Earthquake

By: Nolan Beck

It all started

As Zeus looked down on the Earth and saw her crack open like an egg. Zeus saw the terrible monsters coming out of the crack. The Earthquake was caused by Hades being mad at the gods.


Zeus called upon Poseidon to help him because Poseidon owed Zeus a favor. So Zeus asked Poseidon to help him fight the monsters. Poseidon of course said yes. They made their journey down to Earth.

They made it

They finally made it to Earth they withdrew their weapons and started to fight the monsters. There was only a couple left and they were holding a captive. So Zeus threw a lightning bolt at the monsters, saving the captive.


There was only one left the monsters king Hades. Poseidon and Zeus were about to attack. Then suddenly Hades fell dead to the ground. So then, Zeus and Poseidon went back to Olympus and threw a giant party for their victory. At the party Zeus said “A man saves himself, and the better man saves others.” Then the crowd cheered.