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International Logistics Conference in China-What Is It All About?

The international logistics conference in China is a huge transportation and logistics fair, which has been held every year for a successive 10 years since 2006. It is an effective, wide-exchange , dependable and professional platform for the top most and major players of the transport, logistics and the relevant industries from all over the world. In 2016, this fair would be held for three consecutive days 12, October, 2016-14th October 2016 in Shenzhen.

The Importance of the International Logistics Conference in China

• It attracts numerous reputed logistics firms from all over the world where the exhibitors would show case their latest, advanced and innovative products and services.

• This transport and logistics fair held in China is also a wide platform for the exchange of revolutionary ideas, new trends and technologies.

• Senior executives from world class organizations attend this fair for a knowledge sharing, deal making and networking.

• Each year more than a 1,000 senior delegates, predominantly from the Fortune 500 or top 1000 manufacturers or top 100 brands attend this fair and hence this proves to be a good platform for acquiring and sharing of information and interaction with prominent brand members.

• The hottest and latest supply chain topics are discussed in this fair, such as the global sourcing, retail, indirect procurement, e-commerce, spare parts, 3PLs, customs, and sustainability.

• Here conference programmes are combined with the facilitated networking sessions to offer the delegates with innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies in Asia.

• It is a very valuable platform to discuss critical issues of supply chain in the information age, transport choice, global trade regulations, culture and technology in order to handle the global supply chain effectively and proficiently.

• As a professional, effective, reliable and wide exchange platform for all players in logistics, transport and relevant industries all over the world, the CILF attracts numerous international well-known firms to exhibit and further promotes the international influence of China logistics industry.

Thus, attend the CILT (China International Logistics and Transportation Fair) to take part in the workshops, lectures, seminars delivered by exhibitors from reputed brands from around the world and acquire knowledge of the international and advanced trends, ideas, transport logistic china, revolutionary technologies and so on.