Lewis and Clark

By Faith Covey 3rd Hour


Meriwether Lewis was in charge of identifying, labeling and dating all new plants they saw on the expedition. However, Lewis had not been trained properly on how to do so with the current method. Throughout the entire expedition, Lewis had found over 100 'new' plants.
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On the expedition, William Clark was in charge of recording all new animals found. He found 122 new and "undiscovered" animals along the expedition.
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Seaman the Dog

Seaman was Lewis' Newfoundland dog, whom had been purchased for $20. Stories have been told that Seaman captured and killed an antelope, went after a wounded beaver and even diverted a buffalo through their temporary camp.
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Nez Perce Tribe

Nez Perce comes from the French, which translates to 'Pierced Noses'. However, the majority of the tribe did not have pierced noses. Lewis and Clark were the third non Native American people to approach them, in 1805.
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Sergeant Floyd

Sergeant Charles Floyd was the only member of the Corps to die on the expedition. Floyd kept a journal like most of the other men. His journal focused on geography, scenery and the occasional event. He died on August 20 of Appendicitis.
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York was William Clark's slave. York had a landmark named after him- York's Dry River. Ten years after returning from the expedition, Clark granted York his freedom.
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Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was the son of Sacajawea and Toussaint Charbonneau. He went by the nickname of Pompey.
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Mandan Tribe

The Mandan Tribe were in contact with Lewis and Clark from 1804-1805. The Corps of Discovery stayed with the tribe throughout the winter. The tribe provided to some extent for the Corps during their stay.
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Camp Dubois, IL

The Corps set up Camp Dubois when they were hit by a snowstorm. The camp had log cabins, storehouses and such. Camp Dubois is no longer a physical location that can be visited.
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Great Falls

The Great Falls were discovered by Meriwether Lewis. The falls stretch across 90 feet and drop 400 feet. The falls delayed the trip by a month.