Fourth Grade News

January 11th-15th

Upcoming Dates


13th-Battle of the Books practice@7:15 am

14th-Early Release Day @12:15 pm

15th-Battle of the Books Competition in the gym @ 8:30-9:30 am;

15th-Early Release Day @12:15 pm

18th-Holiday / No School

21st-Report Cards go home

Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts- Students will be drafting their expository composition about friendship. They will focus on adding rich language (simile, metaphor, idiom, hyperbole, and truism). We will also be revising and editing our compositions and conferencing with the teacher.

Social Studies- This week we will be reading literature leading up to the Texas Revolution. They will debate Texan life under Mexican rule and defend what they believe was Santa Anna's worst offense. Students will compose another reader's response about the problems Texans faced.

Math and Science

Math & Science

This week in Math, students will continue to learn how to subtract common fractions. Your child will learn how to apply subtracting common fraction to word problems. We appreciate everything you do on a daily basis to help your child/children excel in math.

Things that you could continue to reinforce at home:

- Multiplication facts (Multiplication Charts are in their Spur folder)

In SCIENCE we will extend our learning of energy of renewable and non-renewable resources.

Below is a few of the vocabulary words/concepts that we will be reviewing this week:

· natural resources – materials such as minerals, forests, water, and soil that occur in nature and can be used to help people in their lives

· renewable resources – a resource that can replenish itself to overcome usage and consumption through naturally recurring processes or cycles

· non-renewal resources – not able to grow again or be made again : not able to be replaced by nature

· conservation – the process of preserving and protecting an ecosystem or a resource

· recycle – to make something new from (something that has been used before)