Logan County Educational Foundation

Grant Recipient | Digital Diversity

Your Generosity & Support Are Appreciated!

Greetings LCEF Board Members,

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved with the Logan County Educational Foundation. I understand the efforts you take to not only award these grants, but also with running several events that help to raise these funds. This year I received an award worth a value of $500. My grant was titled "Digital Diversity". This grant money impacted my students and I in a variety of ways. It enhanced instruction, gave students an alternative (digital) way to practice and learn content, and assisted in my communication with students and their families.

I was able to purchase premium subscriptions to four different sites. Flocabulary, Splash Math, Vocabulary/Spelling City, and Smore were the subscriptions that helped my plan come to fruition. The first three sites allowed me to differentiate content if needed. I could create or select from drop-back, just right, or advanced content. Splash Math and Vocabulary/Spelling City even gave me the ability to track students to see where further instruction or interventions were needed. Thank you for your past and future efforts in keeping this great foundation afloat. I have received two grants within the last five years and each one has turned out wonderfully. It feels really nice to put your students in the most successful, yet enjoyable situations as possible.

Thanks Again,

Wes Hall