Culture: Patterns and Process


What Groups Were Involved?

The United States, Guatemalan government, Army and Wealthy, Guerillas, and Peasants were involved. At the beginning of the game, the Army and Wealthy had the most MSU.

The Balance of Power

The Balance of power shifted greatly at points. In month one, the Army and Wealthy had all the power, but when the Guerillas launched an attack, they gained 30 MSU. In month two, nothing happened and things were quiet. The Third month was when the Guerillas gained a lot of the Army and Wealthy's MSU, but then we lost them to the Peasants.

Conflict and Cooperation

At one point, the Guerillas and Army and Wealthy tried to form a treaty. We then thought about the possible retaliation of the US and decided not to sign it.

later on, the Guerillas and Peasants formed an alliance and the Peasants gained all of the power for a time. At times, the Guerillas would launch attacks at the Army and Wealthy.

The US's Role

The US played the role of the nosey mediator. They would always get into other peoples business and never mind their own. This was a big problem for the Geurillas

Power Shift

When power shifts in a country, people tend to do what it takes to get by. Usually this is when a group of people begin to become corrupt, or they start take bribes. This happens a lot with police officers. This has a negative effect on the community because no one will know who to trust.

my life

This type of situation is most like school groups and cliques. The popular kids are like the army and wealthy, and student council is like the government. They work together at time but aren't always friends. But then the Guerillas are the trouble makers that keep getting into fights.