Women Suffrage

Voting rights for women

Everyone is equal!

  • Everyone includes every race and every gender. All human beings deserve equal rights! If men can vote, why can women vote too? The simple and logical answer is: They can. The only problem was that the government was not letting them.
  • During the time period surrounding the great depression, women did not have voting abilities like men did. The government and the citizens did not think women should vote, but the women did. During the same times, women where considered property rather than people. A man's wife was there simply to look nice and help the man. I wonder why we where all so slow to catch on to the fact that everyone is created equally and should bee treated equally as well.
  • After years and years of women telling everyone that they are equal and can do everything a man can if they so please, everyone else finally caught on. Women suffrage needed to happen so it did. Women got equal rights to men and everyone was fairly happy, minus a few crazy people. But nothing is perfect. Soon after came the fight for all race suffrage.

Sarah Margaret Fuller

Sarah Margaret Fuller was an american journalist, critic and women's rights advocate. She was known as a well read person and was the first women allowed to use the library at Harvard college. She was an inspiration for other advocates such as Susan B. Anthony.


Father, what is a Legislature?
A representative body elected by the people of the state.
Are women people?
No, my son, criminals, lunatics and women are not people.
Do legislators legislate for nothing?
Oh, no; they are paid a salary.
By whom?
By the people.
Are women people?
Of course, my son, just as much as men are.